Working from home?

Talk about convenience! (really?)

It is the latest trend that is being followed and liked by many people in The U.S.

“A study from Stanford University states that more than 10% people in U. S. now regularly work from home.”

In contrast, in India workers have been following this trend for very long.

“According to NSSO, more than 16% of non-agricultural labor was engaged in home based jobs by 2011-12”

And this percentage has increased since.

Although, working from home sounds music to the ears. It has pros and cons.

For instance, working from home saves money and time on commuting. Working from home saves you from constant nagging of the manager. But It can very easily create indiscipline. People working from home experience many problems which people working in an office do not ( all the mothers out there, you know exactly what I mean!). You can easily lose touch with the team or because of other reasons you may not be able to work effectively. Working from home can be very distracting, at times.

Think of a toddler at home who needs constant attention. No matter how much you enjoy spending time with the baby, you’ve got to work!

To make sure that you are productive enough while working from home, follow a schedule.

Easy said than done!

Time management isn’t easy but necessary.

Here, we list 10 tips to make working from home more productive.

Set your working hours: First and foremost, make a schedule and be determined to follow it. You can work whenever you think you will be more productive and focused. So set your working hours. Manage time. Stick to the schedule. Make amendments if necessary. There is no such thing called perfect schedule, whatever works for you is good.

Create a working environment: Tell your family and friends to leave you alone. Let them know when you are working so they do not disturb you. If you have kids, keep them busy when you have to work. Avoid all the distractions that can be avoided. You can make it up to your family in free time.

Clearly define and optimise your workspace: Select a particular desk for working. Put plants on your desk. Office plants improve concentration and reduce stress levels. Keep your workspace clean and clutter free. ‘A study states that your desk can collect more than 400 times the bacteria on your toilet seat.’ You don’t need that. Do you? Make sure to keep it tidy.

Communicate well and often with your colleagues: It is very important to stay connected to your team. If you consider working from home an option, communication is necessary. Technology is at your rescue!

Make a daily to do list: This will help you reach your target. Making a list will help you to be more efficient. You will subconsciously be more attentive towards your work. Do it, tick it!

Take clear breaks: Sitting on a desk for longer hours is neither healthy nor very productive. It is important to take breaks after short intervals. Leave your chair, finish any domestic task. This will help in refreshing the mind and when you resume work, you will be more focussed.

Back away from screens: ‘A survey from Science Daily states that most people spend more than 5 hours a day sitting on a desk, using their laptops.’ It ain’t gonna help you!

Get some human interaction: Biggest disadvantage of working from home is that you do not get to meet new people. You do not get to interact with professionals like you. Make sure you go out of the house. It is important for your mental well being.  Anyway, All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

Develop relations with other telecommuters: It would be great if you can attend a meeting through video conferencing. You will be connected with the team and you will be able to give your input. Technology makes everything accessible.

Leave work at the end of the day: It is important to forget about work after you finish your working hours. You can work anytime when you are working from home, It is an advantage and disadvantage in itself. Make sure to have some ‘ME TIME’. Also make sure to give some time to your family.

How productive you are, boils down to how well you manage your work and avoid distractions.

Although, sometimes distractions are good. It helps in refreshing the mind. Play with the baby when you need a break. Have a good family bonding time.

But it should be kept to a minimum while working.

Follow these tips and experience yourself if it works.

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