You as a marketer must use certain tools to produce best results for your company. But are those the best tools available for marketing? You can’t be sure enough, can you? In my opinion, it is ok to be confused. With the change in technology, new tools are introduced in the market.

If you have a startup, you have a limited amount of funds for your marketing activities. You can’t afford to waste those funds, can you? Therefore, it is important that you find the best tools for your marketing plans so that you are able to fetch great results in a limited amount of investment.

Earlier there were separate tools for traditional marketing but today in this modern world you need new and better tools for instant promotion and communication. You also need to get high engagement rates as well.  Thanks to innovation, you can find thousands of marketing tools for business. But how can you decide which is best for your business?


In this article, I am going to list down the 11 best marketing tools that are used by various MNCs. So, let’s get started.

11 marketing tools for your business


This tool comes under the category of time tracking. With the help of this tool, you can track the number of hours that are spent to complete one marketing project. Similarly, you can do this for other projects as well. This tool gives your marketing team a heads up to properly allocate the number of hours on each project so as to increase the overall productivity. It also offers a payment platform which can be used by freelancers to bill their clients.


This tool comes under the category of managing social media. Buffer can improve your social media activities by increasing your followers and promoting your brand. Buffer offers various benefits to its clients such as schedule posts, development of drip campaigns etc. Buffer’s trial plan is perfect for any business who wants to improve their social media activities.


This tool also comes under the category of managing social media. Hootsuite allows you to connect 3 social media accounts at a time so that you can instantly post and respond to all 3 accounts in a single dashboard.



A logo is an important part of branding. This tool comes under the category of a logo designer. It is a free tool. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, you can use this tool to design your business logo. It gives you access to its library which has a huge collection of frames, fonts and icons. Choose them to design a perfect logo for your company.


Today, visual content is the ruler of content marketing. Use of infographics, for instance, is becoming very popular for promotion activities. Canva offers a huge library which has access to various fonts, charts, templates etc. You can easily design your infographics, presentations, brochures etc on Canva. This is the best designer tool that I have used so far. For example, my brother a designer uses Canva to design its brochures and infographics.


Imagine you suddenly get an idea and you can’t find any notepad/notebook to write it down. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Evernote was made to solve this problem permanently. With the help of this tool, you can write trends, ideas etc all of which is accessible from a single location. It offers a huge storage so you don’t have to worry about ‘memory full’. You can open this tool from multiple devices such as your laptop, phone etc.



Surveys are necessary to get reviews from your customers. Without surveys, it is difficult to understand what our customers are expecting from us. With the help of this tool, you can easily create and publish your own survey.


Emails have always been an important part of marketing. Even though with the success of social media, email marketing still plays a crucial role for every business. It creates a formal relationship between the company and its customers. MailChimp is a free tool which can be used for email marketing. It is very simple to use. It also teaches its clients the basics of email marketing.


Have you ever faced a problem where you are not able to paste data from a web page to an excel sheet? If yes, then this tool is for you. Scraper makes it easier for the user to paste the data from a web page to an excel sheet. That data can be used to create content, cold email lists.


Word counter

This tool comes under the category of content creation. The number of words is an important part of every content. Many writers need to check again and again while they are producing content. It’s a constant distraction for them. With word counter, writers themselves don’t need to calculate the word count. They just need to complete the article and paste it in word count. The tool will automatically give you the word count.


Every marketer needs to create landing pages for email marketing. But which is the best tool to create landing pages? It’s unbounce. With the help of this tool, you can develop and test different and responsive landing pages for email marketing.

We live in a modern world which offers many marketing tools for businesses. Above mentioned are 11 best tools which can be useful for your business marketing activities.

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