Want to have a perfect office design?

If yes, then keep reading….

While designing our office space many of us might wonder what can be done differently to make my workplace more creative? There is no specific answer to it. Nowadays designers are in a constant worry of what to bring new to a work space. A lot of thinking and effort is required to design an office space. No one likes to work in a dull environment. A proper office design can help in increasing the productivity of a person.

So, if you are going to design your office and you want it to be perfect, here are some important tips that might help you out.

Don’t forget to include break out spaces

Every office requires break out spaces. These spaces help employees to de-stress and share their thoughts/ideas with each other. Break out spaces are not just limited to a cafeteria or a meeting room. Today, offices have lounges where employees can relax and be more creative.

Light up the office

Who doesn’t like a well light office? There should be proper lighting in your office. Every room in your office should have enough light so that your employees are able to see and work effectively. Improper lighting can cause headaches and eyestrain to your employees.

Bright office

Paint the walls

Your office walls should be painted with bright colors that will keep you and your employees pumped up. Dark colors should be avoided because they make a place look dim and dull.

Have comfy furniture

What if I told you that you have to work for 10 hours a day sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Not possible, right? Uncomfortable furniture can hamper your productivity. So, to avoid such a situation buy comfortable furniture.

Quality furniture

Seating direction

Ever seen a desk and a chair pointed towards a blank wall? No right. This is because doing such a thing can put brakes on your creativity. Always point your table/chair towards a natural view or anything that is convenient to you. This will help to keep you fresh and increase your productivity.

Make way for the sunshine

Everyone loves a little sunshine. Having too many bright lights in your office can also be harmful to your eyes. Place windows in your office which allows sunlight to enter and offer softer lighting.

Access to sunlight

Be close to nature

Your office should have access to flora (greenery). According to a recent study by Washington State University, when plants are added to a workplace people tend to get more productive. Also, plants provide fresh air.

Interactive walls

 You can hang pictures of inspiring and creative quotes on your walls. Hustle Cowork has pictures of inspiring quotes on their office walls. Whenever you are depressed or sad, reading those quotes will motivate you and will increase your productivity.

Access to nature

Mind the scent

Like color, scents also have an impact on a person’s mood and mindset. The bad scent in your office can make an employee unwilling to work. By adding good scents in your office it will make your work environment fresh and odorless.

Control the room temperature

It is not easy to work in a too cold or too warm environment. Therefore it is necessary to balance your room temperature. How will we do that? Have access to air conditioners in summers and heaters in winters.

Proper scent

Storage of ideas

Imagine you are working hard at a particular task and suddenly you are distracted by an idea for another task. What will be your initial response? You will try to note down that idea but you don’t have access to whiteboards, notebooks etc. It’s frustrating right. So, to avoid such a situation keep whiteboards and notepads in your office.

So, with this list in your pocket, you will be able to create a perfect office design.

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