Ever got an email that doesn’t concern you? Having trouble understanding the main subject of an email? Today, every professional uses email to communicate with one another, yet many of us still don’t understand the significance of email etiquette. How you write an email reflects your personality and professionalism. So, it’s better that you learn how to compose a friendly yet professional email.

It is necessary to understand the significance of email etiquette because in a professional world it is important to carefully communicate with one another. Emails which are simple to understand are more effective. A person familiar with email etiquette is less likely to put your company at risk.

So without wasting more time here are the 5 email etiquette that everyone should know.

7 Email etiquette


Keep a balance- There is no need to be too formal or too friendly in an email. Writing in a casual manner can seem to be too friendly while writing in an impersonal manner can seen too formal. Both are not good for your business. So, you need to have a balance between the two. Write a friendly yet a formal email.


Watch your spelling, punctuation, and grammar- You have to keep a close check on spelling, punctuation and grammar while writing an email. Isn’t it obvious? Don’t forget how you write an email reflects your personality and professionalism. So, if you will ignore these three things it may seem as if you are not interested to communicate with them which can prove to be harmful to your business. Make sure to check your email before clicking on the send button.


Have a clear subject line- I know that people are busy. They don’t have time to check weird messages. Many people go through an email depending on the subject line. So it is necessary to have a clear and a suitable subject line for your email. Few examples of great subject lines are ‘Meeting is postponed’, ‘Details regarding the next project’ etc


Think before you click ‘reply all’- No one is interested to read 30 emails which are not useful for them. It is very difficult to ignore emails as you keep getting constant notifications on your PC or on your smartphone. So, until it is absolute necessity, there is no need to click on reply all.


Avoid humor- While communicating face to face it is easy to get the humor right but in emails with no facial expressions it is quite easy to take your humor in the other sense. So when professionally communicating you have to keep a check on your humor. A particular thing might not to be funny to both the people. It’s always better to exclude humor from your emails.


Put a signature- It is considered rude if a person has to find ways to contact you. So, it’s better to include a signature in your email so that people can easily contact you. Your signature can include your name, company name, title and contact information. It is considered rude if a person has to find ways to contact you.

Cultural diversity- Everyday we interact with people who belong to different cultures. In writing it is very common to create misunderstandings between people belonging from different cultures because we are not able to see each others body language. To solve this you should follow a rule. People belonging from high context cultures (Japanese or Chinese) want to understand you better before business dealings and people from low context cultures (American or German) get straight to business.

Emails have become an important part of our business. In order to avoid any trouble, it’s better to follow these 7 email etiquettes for effective email communication.

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