1. Amazon company was known as tech giant now become the world’s most relevant company as it overtakes Microsoft.

2. Amazon valued at 810 billion dollars and Microsoft at 789 billion dollars.

3. According to the news, Amazon announced that they had reported great Christmas sales of its products and 100 million Alexa devices sold across the globe.

startup news blog4. Amazon’s stock rises about 3.5% on Monday.

5. Amazon beat Apple as the company is now down to about $702 billion in market value after its weak iPhone sales. Google parent company Alphabet has outdone Apple with a market price of about $748 billion.

6. Amazon grew up because its stock rises about 3.5 % on Monday to close at $1,629.51 per share and on the other side Microsoft stock rises just a portion of 1% to close at $102.06 per share.