Coworking office spaces are flourishing in the market. It has become new trend. It is right playground for startups and small businesses to work, network and play. According to survey conducted by Deskmag, half a million people are now working in coworking office space.

With so many coworking office space available around, how can startups choose the right coworking office space? Here are few things that you can consider before finalizing your new office space.

Consideration #1 : What are your business goals?

First thing that you need to determine you are needs of your business. Do you just need office address or you need to meet clients regularly? Do you need office which is having rapport and great connectivity so that your team can work comfortably. Create a list of top needs and wants. But don’t confuse need with the want. You can also think how many hours you want to work? You want to work in day or night. Generally, night offices in coworking office are cheaper.

Consideration #2 : What is culture you want to build for your startup?

If you are looking for young and energetic culture for your employees, then YES coworking office is right for you. In coworking office space, energy is transferred from one person to another very quickly. It can sometimes be distracting but can add positive emotions too. If your team is small, then your employees can be friends with other people. Coworking is having small team but living in big office.

Consideration #3: What is the location of cowork?

What is the location of your cowork? Is it easy to reach? Is it easy to commute? Does it accommodate parking? Is it easy to find?Websites and pictures might project an amazing picture. But at the end it’s about convenience. You can choose client centric location. For example, you can choose location where just by walking into neighbor building, you might get the client.

Consideration #4 : What is the cost of the cowork?

If you are start up , you need to take care of the budget. It might not be appropriate to burn large amount of money on renting office space. Cost of cowork office space should be fair deal for startups. You can ask few questions to community manger before joining: Can you take free trail? Can you talk to fellow people working there? Can you get some offer?

Consideration #5 : Are basic amenities available?

Basic amenities of work are sound internet connection, healthy sanitary and good water to drink. You can also check that there is electricity backup or minimal power cuts in the area.Chair and Table should be comfortable in seating. Environment should be conductive to good health.

I think if you find cowork office space which qualifies the above criteria, you are at the RIGHT PLACE.

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