Much of what you read about the praises of coworking involves their contribution to startups. But is coworking limited to small teams?In November 2016, the e-retailing giant snapdeal moved a fair amount of its employees to a coworking space. This bites into an interesting thought — when big and renowned companies can be open to novel approaches, so can others. Coworking for big teams is becoming a reality. 

Why does coworking work for businesses with big teams?

Less Costs

Startups aren’t the only businesses that need to cut costs. The goal of every business is to profit. And profit comes with a healthy balance of cost-pruning and revenue maximizing.

A traditional office for a huge team will increase the cost of employees per head much more than that of a coworking setup.

Less hassle

This is the age of ‘autopilot’ management! By putting your administrative tasks on autopilot by outsourcing them to a coworking hub, your business can retain 90% of its revenue while reducing 50% of the work. This saves much time. And most time is money!

Geographically Independent Employees

Location-independent employees are naturally more satisfied than their counterparts who labor in a fixed traditional office in restricted schedules.

Also,  employees with flexible working hours will be generally more satisfied and productive, aiding employee retention, which is usually challenging for big-team companies.

Easy access to global personnel

Technology offers you the privilege to manage your employees from anywhere in the world. If you allow your employees to work from coworking setups, managing them over a computer is simple! You can track their performances, working hours and working methods irrespective of where they operate.

So, you see that the benefits of coworking are not just confined to start-ups. They solve the purposes of big businesses with a much larger workforce too!

What are the challenges of big teams operating in coworking hubs?

Not all can be rosy. Let’s have a look at two most common challenges you may encounter if you have a big team of outstationed coworkers. We will also guide you as to how to deal with them:

Privacy concerns

The bigger your company gets, the more important confidentiality becomes. But in a place where your team’s computer screens are open for others to see, privacy gets compromised.

But the solution is simple. Coworking setups also provide you with private cabins. They will still cost you way less than a personally rented office while giving you all the networking dividends brought about by a coworking hub.

Employee Retention is at risk

Being surrounded by different talents in an office can make an employee want to leave for opportunities she deems better than her current one. This makes employee retention challenges.

However, with regular feedback sessions and appraisals, the same problem can be dealt with. Also, any good employer does these things anyway!


Should you make the switch?

It depends on your business. Every business’s needs vary! Yours may be an e-retailing business like that can easily operate through online communication, making coworking suit you. While another business with a big team, say tech-startups may need plenty of consolidated teamwork in their starting days, for which a dedicated office may be ideal.

The good news is, you can get both in a coworking setup.

How can Hustle cowork help your big team?

Hustle cowork offers you a host of features and facilities like:

  • Your own workstation that gives you all the perks of an open and friendly working environment.
  • Access to separate meeting rooms
  • Exciting freebies
  • Lockable cabinets
  • Private Cabins to make your own and adjust 5 to 6 people.
  • Part-time plan facility
  • A well-equipped studio to help you create quality marketing content,

..and the list goes on.

To conclude, it seems like the coworking wave is here to stay, and for all the good reasons! Just like any other approach, it offers challenges. But if it looks like something that may benefit your business, trying doesn’t hurt.

In case you are considering making the leap, we’d be stoked to help you. Book a tour with us!

Continue hustling!

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