Startups and small teams have started loving co work office spaces culture in India.Pending utility bills, expenses on office maintenance or malfunctioning internet networks is enough to break the conventional office setups.

Sharing office space with existing establishments is the solution.  What makes the concept click is co-work office space you pay less for amenities and get to work with like minded people.

Working in co-work office eliminates all administrative hassles. It provides motivational environment for young entrepreneur.

Plug and play environment in such office space gives flexibility to work. Such co-working spaces work on concept of leasing office infrastructure and resources to individuals or small teams. With modern day offices facilities is providing right playground for startups. Co-working is a style of working in which basically entrepreneurs operating different ventures share the same office space.

When people start their entrepreneurship journey, they immediately want to gear up. So such office spaces provide plug and play solution. It provides comfortable seating arrangement with internet speed.

Although for long time coffee shops like Barista, Starbucks etc. were known for office meetings. But co-work office spaces are providing clients with extra motivational environment which is boosting their success. Weekends at such places are filled with events which are good source of networking. Such office spaces are providing right ecosystem for businesses to flourish.

Such office spaces are not only right space but provide opportunity for mentorship and incubation. The general environment at such office spaces is sharing and collaboration.

According to survey conducted by Economic Times, in India, 74% of the respondents said co-working spaces offer them inspiration through shared skills or experience.

Such office spaces are not like conventional 9-5 work space. But you can witness cross collaboration happening over lunches or coffee breaks. You can feel immense energy and motivations to get you going.

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