The interwebs are abuzz with praises of the coworking movement. Every so often, you hear accounts of startups making it big with a humble beginning at a coworking space.

Indubitably, Coworking offers a powerhouse of energies, opportunities, and capacities for your enterprise. But just like everything, it brings some challenges with it. Let’s have a look:

If you think you work better from home

Some people are just home-lovers. They fancy the idea of not having to move around too much and yet get their work done efficiently.

Unfortunately, that may not be the best approach in the long run. For a healthy dose of promotion, networking, and resultant referrals, you need to put yourself ‘out in the open’ and socialize as much as possible. But, with due respect to your preference for working from home, we have a fix.


The Solution

Try working once or twice a week in a coworking space and yet get the juicy benefits of a shared space. You’ll still work from home most of the time!

Noise annoys you

Agreed, workspaces can often be noisy and distractive. But fret not!

The Solution

Headphones save you when you need a focus-laden marathon. So grab them cans and get going! Heck, get yourself a vacant meeting room or a private cabin for many coworking hosts offer the same.

If an excessively quiet ambiance disturbs you

Thanks to flexi-time working schedules, people can have access to a working environment 24×7! Consequently, you may end up working at a time and seat during a less busy time at your coworking space.

The Solution

Simply move to a slightly busier room! Also, talk to your managers if they can arrange busier rooms for you so you ‘feel at office’.

If distractions intimidate you

Distractions in a coworking space can range from moderate background chatter to repetitive interactions with coworkers.

The solution

Put on your headphones and also try to keep a decided specific time to interact with peers.

If privacy concerns bother you

Sharing a desk with a host of other businesses may be a risk for some workers whose work involves critical information.

The solution

Get yourself a corner desk to reduce the visibility of your computer screen. You can also get private cabins in coworking spaces which bring you all the goodies of collaborations along with privacy for your business.

If budgetary constraints bother you

Yes. Given the benefits coworking provides you, it does cost you money.

The solution

Compare the benefit of quickly generating efficiency, network, and referrals for your business with the negligible dividend of saving some money every month. You will find that coworking offers you great value for money. Plus, many coworking spaces charge reasonably!

Commuting frequently is bothersome

Indeed. You have gotten used to the comfort of your home. And, switching to a working environment that requires you to commute every day may not seem enticing enough at first.

The solution

Find a coworking space close to your residence and make it your second home!

Several big companies like Instagram were started in coworking setups. And that is good enough reason for the enterprising proprietor to give it a try. However, everybody is different and must do what works for her/him. For a trial, visit our space. It only costs 100 bucks!


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