Before jumping into getting a permanent space, ask yourself, being a startup do you really need to invest in a workspace where there are so many co-working spaces all around you?

Coworking spaces are considered more fun and diverse. Normal offices restrict employees within four walls, giving them no access to meet people of diverse fields. Coworking spaces allow you to network with people from different professions and get an insight into their work. It helps you grow and develop, has a supportive environment and makes you more creative and innovative.


Own OfficeHustle CoworkBenefits
LocationYou need to scout budget centric properties which sometimes may not have the desired entitiesCowork already does this work for you so that you do not have to scout for prime locations, no dealing with brokers and dealers.You save time and money yet get the right place for your office.
CostYou spend on rents and deposit amounts reaching high figures. Initial investment is high
Designed for lower costs

Cowork is already designed for individual, small, medium enterprise and you get proper billings to show in your expense

You save on high upfront costs and maintenance figures.
Rental Lock in Period
You invest a hefty amount for deposit for a minimum period of 2-12 months but cannot withdraw the amount in case the services are not good during the contract.The Cowork contract is flexible and runs on month to month basis with ony one month’s deposit. In case you feel the services are not corresponding your vision, you can always leave on a good note
Flexible plans with easy entry and exit procedures. You save on time and cost complexity.
Interior MaintenanceYou undergo vendor coordination with labor class vendors for white wash, electric fittings, furniture, plumbing, cleaning, drainage systems etc.Zero vendor coordination is required and all this work has already been taken care for you. The cowork office is ready to move in and fully operational form day #1.You save on whitewash and other maintenance cost up to  INR 20000/-
Furniture Fittings
You buy tables and chairs as per your office structure

Minimum Cost for a team of 5 people- INR 20000/-

Ready to move in offices with pre set furniture fittings.
Rs.2500 per seat

Total cost for a team of 5 = 12500

Reception table

Filing cabinet cost extra

You save INR 7500/- per month

Printing SolutionsYou buy printer which is a vital component of every company and face a depreciation of 50% every year. You also spend for its constant maintenance paper sheets.

Average cost- INR 10000 per month

 Cowork has professional level printing solutions available with color as well as black and white options. Print, scan, copy all set up for you from day one. No initial cost, no maintenance, no value depreciation. Pay as you go You save upto INR 10000/- per month
SanitationYou can try to keep the washroom as clean but cannot control how other people behave.

Initial cost Rs.3000

Monthly cost Rs.1000 material

Rs. 8000 cleaning person

 Cowork is a services office. Washroom sanitation is one of the services and is taken very seriously. Cleaning, washroom equipment, and other toiletries, all taken care off. You save on initial cost and up to 9000 per month
 SecuritySecurity is a major concern if you are working late nights and care about your team.

Average cost- CCTV Camera DVR – Rs.5000

2 Camera – Rs.5000

 Be it employing a security guards, a night watchman or cctv security cameras. Everything is at your services without any initial or recurring maintenance costYou save up to INR 5000/- per month.
Biometrics & Attendance equipmentYou will require biometric access equipment and an attendance machine to keep vital records.All good cowork will have this facility installed for you at no additional costYou save up to INR 10000/-
Reception & ReceptionistYou will require a reception and a receptionist where clients and visitors are greeted and taken care of.

Average cost- Table Rs.5000

Person Rs.10000

 Cowork provides reception area, receptionist, waiting area and an office assistance to take good care of your clients and visitors at zero additional cost. You save up to INR15000/- per month
Finding the feasible internet plan is difficult. Then there is never stopping outages and LAN problems. This hampers the team’s productivity.

Average cost- Internet


Rs2000 initial Rs. 2500/mo

Lease Line

Rs.10,000 installation
Rs. 30,000/mo

 Hustle cowork has a 3 tier internet backup system. First there is a enterprise level leased line, then we have backup broadband line form different internet providers to better contingency and if all fails then the third tier of backup in form of one 4G WIFI dongles for every 10 users saves the day. You save a heft initial cost with up to INR25000/- per month.

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