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Many companies around the world are switching to office less companies. 37 signals, the company behind Basecamp has 100% remote workforce which means it’s employees can work from anywhere around the world without any

Remote employment is becoming popular worldwide. Many well settled employees are leaving their jobs to work remotely. It is a general belief that travelling makes a person more creative and productive. With traffic increasing, day by day in metro cities like Delhi and Bangalore companies have now understood the problem of travelling and now they are allowing their employees to work remotely. The time spent in travelling can now be used for good purposes. By working remotely a person is able to have proper work life balance. You can work according to your convenience and also spend quality time with your family.  

Coworking is a new business concept which allows people to interact and work together in a shared office. Coworking is making working remotely possible.

How coworking spaces create office less companies?

If you looking to establish an office less company or if you are looking to work remotely here are few ways coworking can help you out.

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No infrastructure

How many times it has happened that a company selected a candidate but the candidate can’t join the company as the office of the company is located in other cities. The candidate is not willing to shift to other cities. It is a loss to both the company as well as to the candidate. With coworking spaces, the company need not worry about infrastructure or overhead costs. The company just need to encourage the candidate to join a coworking space in his/her own city and start working there.

Secure environment

Coworking spaces offer 24-hour security through CCTV cameras, biometric scanners etc. Also, there are several other people working at coworking spaces so there is always tight security. Through this company need not worry about its employee working alone in the office.

Close to family

Many people don’t join or leave the company as its location is far away from their families. They are not able to spend much time with their families. Working at coworking office which is near to their homes allows people to have a proper work life balance. They are able to work properly knowing that they are close to their families.



Generally, people get stressed by working fixed shifts. They are not able to work properly because of stress created by fixed working hours. Even if you have to do some other important work during that time you just simply can’t do it. Most of the coworking spaces offer 24-hour access to its clients. The employee can work according to his/her convenience. This makes him more productive.

Availability of coworking offices in remote areas

People who travel a lot face a common problem of not able to find proper internet and working conditions. This hampers their productivity. Coworking offices have opened up in hilly and other remote areas which allow people to work even when they are travelling.

Virtual offices

Women, in particular, are not comfortable to give their home addresses as their professional addresses. Coworking spaces solve this problem. They offer virtual offices where women can use the address of a coworking space as her professional address and get all her important work related emails and packages on the coworking space address. They just need to come to the office and collect their belongings.

Coworking spaces offer many benefits including the chance of working remotely. So, if you want to hire a person and he/she is located someplace else then just don’t let the candidate go. Hire that person and make him/her join a coworking space. Save the setup costs.


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