If you own a business, meeting customers from varying backgrounds and perspectives is your routine thing. Convincing them to buy your products/services is another non-negotiable challenge that you have to frequently beat.

However, concerns are sizeable in a scenario where yours is a growing business desperate for investors and opportunities. Chances are, you are still operating from any place you can get your hands on to open your laptop and get going. Obviously, meeting your prospective clients in less-than-an-ideal ambience seems unprofessional. It might as well, quash your chances of a deal conversion. It is then, that you must consider leveraging the opportunity of having a lasting and splendid impression on your guest. A good way to do that is by way of visiting them in coworking space!  

Why you should meet clients in a Co-working setup?

The reasons are obvious. You don’t want to come off as unprofessional by calling your clients to your home. You don’t want to invest into a hotel booking, for your small business might be in a pressing need of funds, warranting cost-cutting. Also, investing in a traditional lease is impractical for frequent visits. This is where Coworking spaces rescue you! Forget investing much money into a conventional office, even the little yet disturbing concerns like availability of quality food, electricity and suchlike are already managed so you can focus consummately on you priority – the meeting.

The Halo Effect

A good first impression starts with quality that is visible from a distance. The halo effect sets in when the first most prominent trait of an organisation makes a visitor shape a positive opinion about the other traits which are yet to be witnessed. Something as simple as your office stationery can influence on your client’s opinion!

You want to avoid all risks here. And a coworking space can help you with that. Apart from offering you an impressive place to visit, it will manage the tiniest of the operational tasks and facilities such as:

  • High-speed internet
  • Quality food in an often aesthetically pleasing cafeteria
  • A receptionist
  • Supply of stationery
  • A fully furnished Office
  • A printing and copying machine

Availability of the aforementioned facilities at your meeting place give the client an impression that you care about their meeting experience and the deal you might end up fructifying with them. Many coworking hosts offer you day-passes which eliminate the need for visiting the coworking centre daily, which is usually a challenge many small businesses face. Just use the coworking space as your official address and frequently meet your clients in conference rooms therein!  

Impress clients with special ‘meeting rooms’

Well equipped, fully furnished and plug-and-play meeting rooms are the hallmarks of a professional meeting and fruitful dealing. From time to time, you may need to explain your products and services to your clients with consummate lucidity, which often necessitates a powerpoint presentation. With a room that offers a plug-and-play LED TV screen and/or a ready projector, your presentation experience becomes a breeze.   

Irrespective of how long you stay there, it feels like your own conference/meeting room where you can communicate with your guests in the most efficient and effective way to your heart’s content!

Room for customization

The need for customization of your workplace becomes unavoidable when  you are meeting clients with varying expectations and relationships. Even if you own a traditional office, you may not be prepared for changes you may need to bring to serve the needs of different clients.

By the same token, coworking spaces are made with the consideration of customization in mind. All you need to do is sign up for a day-pass and plan ahead what you require for a particular client meeting. Doing just a little bit of planning in this regard may exponentially raise your chances of a deal conversion. Also, it conveys a genuine sense of care for your client.

Meet your next client with us

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