There are misconceptions about coworking in the mind of the people, which needs to rectify. It is beyond doubt that coworking has now become synonymous with business progress. The traditional offices of yesterday have started being considered archaic by the millennials, more than a third of which are engaged in their own freelancing businesses.

However, many entrepreneurs and generally small business owners have several doubts about the working approach. Many businesses hence, miss out on driving the tremendous benefits of networking, collaborating and learning that working in a coworking space would bring them. If you happen to be one of them, it is our duty to help you become aware. And today we are here to rid you of all your inhibitions about joining the coworking wave.

Coworking spaces and Shared Offices are same

Coworking helps you solve several problems that a shared office can only wish to. Mostly, Businesses that start coworking hubs are those who want to promote coordination in workplaces dedicated itself to coordinating workspaces. This internal community is providing a platform to boost networking and mentoring. You are not only saving money on rent, but you also save time looking elsewhere to build meaningful connections. This allows you to construct a better community around your ideas and be able to get a different outlook on things. Being around others that are like-minded, have different outlooks, skills and background work very well together to get creative juices flowing. This is by far away more productive method to business building and partnering than you would ever find in a single office space.

They Are Noisy and Distracting

Coworking spaces were crafted to be able to adjust all kinds of work bailiwicks. Coworking spaces are not just big, open spaces with a long, shared desk with computer screen visible to all. Of course, there’s that, but there’s more. They generally include areas that are quite like conference rooms, separate quiet areas and quiet desks. Heck, they sometimes even have white noise machines that can filter out usual noises. These facilities can immensely help when you need to get some serious concentrated work done. If everything else fails, you can always bring those good old earbuds and listen to anything that helps you concentrate. If you look around a bit, many options are available to help you stay focused.

Coworking Hubs Are Limited To Startups

Nah! Coworking isn’t limited to startups. The freelancing workforce is growing staggeringly and the number of big companies adopting alternative workspace practices keeps exploding. Many organizations are realizing that coworking spaces are a great option for local or digital offices. They offer a great way to save cash on administrative expenses and yet be productive!

Coworking Spaces Don’t Suit Growing Businesses

Many people simply think coworking hubs get cramped as their business expands. The reality is that coworking spaces are customizable and they can adjust any size of an organization as long as you have the want get creative. Several coworking hubs have big enough rooms to accommodate your entire teams. Separate Meeting rooms and private office spaces and even dedicated seating facilities are available to suit all your needs.

Coworking Hubs Are Expensive

Let us put an end to this ever so common myth. Consider the way coworking spaces are charged with the way the traditional office is leased. Coworking hubs are charged per person, whereas traditional leases are charged per square feet! It obviously doesn’t need the genius to figure out the cost-cutting benefits that can be derived of a coworking space.

Often, Convincing people to pay for an office space is difficult when they think they can simply work at home. But, when you do work from home, you have several other distractions like pets, children, guest visits and a lot more that can distract you and keep you from being consummately productive. When you work in a coworking community you get access to all kinds of facilities to help you in growing your empire like investors, mentors, networking events, classes and much more. And of course, never forget the free coffee!

They’re Just Like Cafes

Only if CCD could serve onsite community management, printing and scanning facilities, separate restrooms, spacious workplaces, locker facility to keep your stuff with its frappes. This is something only a coworking hub can provide you. Plus, all the random chirping sounds of people around you, waiters shouting out loud the names of customers when their orders are ready,

They Are Not For Everyone

Are you sure? Because coworking can suit anybody! Coworking doesn’t have any requirements or a targeted demographic; it’s just about doing business with no boundaries. While some spaces will concentrate on certain specialties or trades, Grind is industry agnostic. You can find a shoe designer sitting across from a fintech developer, or a tea tycoon sharing lunch with a digital marketing firm.

We strive for as much diversity in our workspaces as possible—in gender, industry, agree and race—to construct a workspace that suits everybody’s needs

Do come and visit our space to check for yourself how much of a difference coworking can make to your productivity and how easy it is to get used to it.

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