Tired of paying huge rents for private offices or getting annoyed by working from home offices? If yes, then there is a new business concept that you should know about. Coworking/shared is an innovative work ethic which allows people to interact and work together. It is a successful work method which is slowly gaining popularity in India. According to a study by Ross business school, shared offices leads to 84% chance of interaction with people, 82% chance of random discoveries and opportunities and 77% chance of knowledge sharing.

Anuj Kapoor, a website designer freelancer says that a shared office like Hustle Cowork has helped to increase his overall productivity by 30% to 68%.

How does coworking help to increase your productivity and success?  

Pleasing office design

Coworking spaces provide their clients with a pleasing office design such as breakout rooms, open spaces, proper ventilation and creative walls which make a person feel relaxed and motivated.

More networks

People belonging from different backgrounds and companies work at shared offices. All of them get a chance to interact with each other. With regular interactions, you build more networks. Also, events are organized at coworking spaces where you get a platform to interact and meet new people. This also helps to build networks. You a content writer meet Akhil a website designer at a shared office. With proper interaction, you find out that Akhil is looking for a content writer and he likes your work. Bingo, you got a new client.


Reduces isolation

A lot of people work at coworking offices. Many of them are willing to interact with you on a daily basis which reduces the level of isolation.

Access to breakout rooms

Breakout rooms such as lounges and gaming rooms are provided by shared offices where people can relax them and avoid burnouts. This helps to improve a person’s work life balance.

Feasible rent and additional facilities

As compared to expensive private offices, you can rent a space at shared offices at feasible prices. You also get access to additional facilities such as wifi, printer, tea/coffee etc. Hustle Cowork provides a coworking seat for 5000/month along with facilities like high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, cafeteria, printer, free unlimited tea/coffee etc.

Flexible working hours

Most of the coworking offices provide a 24-hour access where a person can work according to his/her convenience. This eliminates the pressure of fixed working hours. Also, you are flexible to move around the office and sit/work anywhere you want.



Unlike traditional offices, shared offices provide 24-hour security with the help of CCTV cameras and biometric scanners. So, you and your belongings will remain 100% safe in a coworking office.

Boosts creativity

Coworking offices boost creativity by encouraging people to share their ideas, knowledge, and thoughts. This gives them a chance to collaborate with others which can lead to new businesses or expansion.

Stress-free travel

Coworking offices are located at central locations which have proper connectivity to roads, highways, and public transports. This makes traveling easy for coworkers and their clients.

Coworking is slowly gaining popularity and all for good reasons. Creative environment, innovative office design, flexible working hours and freedom to sit anywhere are a few advantages of coworking that increases the productivity of a business.

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