What is coworking?

India, home to billions have adopted a new method of work which is known as coworking. Coworking is an innovative style of work that involves a shared working space where people belonging from different businesses can interact, cooperate and work together. Coworking spaces are also called shared spaces. 

Today entrepreneurs, freelancers and various startups have started working at shared offices. Why won’t they? Shared offers various benefits such as exciting work culture, network opportunities and a great work-life balance.

How coworking spaces has changed India?

  • Access to new networks- Every business needs new networks to survive in the market. Shared spaces gives you a platform to build new networks. Working with various professionals and having regular interactions allows you to get innovative ideas. A sales team might choose a  shared office with a market research team whose guidance can help find ideas.

Global networks

  • Easy traveling- Travelling in India is not easy. Many offices don’t have proper connectivity to roads, highways and public transports which makes everyday travel a nightmare. Shared offices are located in central locations. These locations are well connected with major roads, highways and public transports. Proper connectivity to their offices makes coworkers happy and also their clients can easily identify their offices and meet them to discuss business.

Ease of commute

  • Low-priced infrastructure and facilities- Today, buying or renting a private office is very expensive. If somehow you do manage a rent a private office you also have to pay for wifi, printer etc which can be very costly. Shared offices provide low-cost office infrastructure and facilities (meeting rooms, cafeteria, printer etc). In India, Hustle Cowork provides a coworking seat at Rs.5000 per month along with other facilities such as meeting rooms, unlimited tea/coffee, high speed wifi connection etc. It is very feasible as compared to renting a private office.

Cheap infrastructure and facilities

  • Work as per your convenience- Normally offices have a fixed working time and you have to work according to that time only. There is no flexibility. Shared offices makes working flexible. Such offices generally provide 24 hour access to its employees which allows them to work according to their convenience. Coworking seats makes it easier for an employee as he/she can sit anywhere in the office and do their work. Flexible working hours makes sure that an employee can work whenever he/she wants to.


  • Makes you more productive- Traditional offices hamper productivity because of fixed working hours, less room for creativity etc. Shared spaces is slowly gaining popularity and all for good reasons. Friendly environment, innovative spaces, flexible working hours and freedom to sit anywhere are a few advantages of coworking that increases productivity of a person.

Increases productivity

  • Great work-life balance- Traditional offices rarely offer any break through places such as lounges, gaming rooms etc where a person could relax for a while and de-stress. Shared offices encourages work life balance by providing nap rooms, gym, gaming room for T.T, pool etc. Here people can relax and de-stress.

Work-life balance

  • Room for creativity- There are a lot of distractions at home/traditional offices which provides no room for creativity. People at shared spaces are encouraged to share new ideas and get instant feedback. This helps them to collaborate with others which can often lead to new businesses or expansion.

Encourages innovation

Coworking offices are becoming popular in India which offers a great platform to work with people belonging from different backgrounds and industries.

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