How are women safe at coworking space?

Since the very beginning of our civilization, outside jobs were done by men and women were supposed to take care of the household work. No education was provided to women and neither their families allowed them to go outside and work. Today our society has evolved and women are not just educated but they are also working outside their homes. But their journey has not been easy as it has been for men.

According to a study by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014, 19% of women’s fatalities were homicides as compared to 8% of men. Of these homicides, 32% were committed by domestic partner, 16% by coworker and 12% by customer or a patient.

What are the various problems faced by women in a workplace?

Gender Biasness

This a very common problem faced by a woman in our society. At the recruitment stage itself if a girl and a boy are competing for a same job firms tend to give that job to the male counterpart as people believe that girls less efficient at work as compared to boys. In many firms girls are asked about their backgrounds and family planning because firms can’t give them any maternity leaves.

Physical Harassment

Molestation and sexual harassment are the most heart twisting problems that women are facing in the workplace. One-third of women that i interviewed have faced harassment and around 60% don’t report it either.

Improper work life balance

According to a survey conducted by ASSOCHAM on 1000 women professionals, around 80% of the families expect their daughters/daughters in law to focus more on household over official work. Traveling long distances to work and managing various work duties don’t give enough time to  women to look after their families.

Physical Assaults

Daily new cases of physical assaults are emerging. Women have to face uncivilized men who treat them like shit. According to a study by crime survey of England and Wales in 2015-16, around 3 lakhs women faced work related violence including physical assaults and threats.

How co working spaces ensure safety of women?

Today co working spaces have become very popular. With continuous rise in real estate prices co working spaces offer cheap infrastructure along with additional facilities. But how safe are they for women? Women have rated co working spaces as their number 1 working spaces. They provide them with cheap infrastructure and fixed resources. Instead of traveling long distances to various companies, they can join a nearby co working space to work and avoid traveling.

Here are few ways through which co working spaces ensure safety of women.

Community manager at your assistance

Every co working space has a community manager who takes care of the whole community. His/her main task is to make sure that no coworker is facing any difficulty.

Online issue redressal system

Co working spaces provide online issue redressal system through which women can complain of any issues that they are facing in a co working office.

24 hour security

Co working spaces have CCTV cameras to make sure that you and your belonging are safe in the office. Women can work tension free knowing that everything’s been recorded.

A chat with the owner

If any women is facing domestic or workplace related problems she can talk to the owner of the co working office and the owner will make sure to provide the victims with some solutions.

Co working spaces are providing various safety options to women so that they can come to the co working office and perform their work duties without any worries.

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