Our planet Earth has scare amount of natural resources. That’s why from the very beginning we are taught “sharing is caring”. Meaning behind this notion is that sharing resources will lead to better utilization of resources. Developing countries have a low amount of resources as compared to developed countries. This makes the resources available in the developing countries expensive.

Sharing an office space can be a difficult task. Continuous distractions and loud noises can easily make working unproductive but a new business concept has evolved which promotes networking and collaboration. Coworking is an innovative business concept which encourages people to interact and work in a shared office space. Shared offices are cheaper as compared to traditional offices as it leads to better utilization of resources.

According to a study by Global Coworking Unconference Conference and Emergent Research 89% conveyed higher degree of happiness, 84% reported increased engagement and motivation, 68% designated improvements in their skill set, 83% noticed decrease in level of isolation, 82% cited an increase in size of their business network and 67% noticed improvements in their professional success after joining a coworking office.


How coworking promotes sharing of resources in a workplace?

Low cost and greater value

Coworking offices offer shared spaces, common air conditioners, common printers etc which are economical for startups and freelancers as they can save their money and concentrate more on improving their productivity. Also sharing resources decreases the impact on the environment.

Creates a community

In a developing country like India, startups are on a continuous rise and more of them are switching to coworking offices. Coworking offices offer shared resources. When utilizing such resources, coworkers get a chance to talk to each other. Such interactions lead to network building. Meeting like minded people can help you to expand your business. For example, two people go to the cafeteria to drink coffee. When using the coffee machine they interact with each other and share their thoughts. Using shared resources creates a sense of belonging in a workplace.

Stress free

Many startups and freelancers face a common problem of renting a private office in developing countries. There rent being too expensive, it just goes out of their budget. That’s why renting a coworking office is a great option. It provides cheap seating infrastructure and facilities such wifi connectivity, unlimited free tea/coffee etc. Coworkers can skip worrying about their finances and concentrate on improving their performance.

Excellent meeting place

Being a freelancer or having a startup you have to keep a check on your finances. Renting or buying a space for your client meetings can be expensive. Cafes and restaurants are loud and crowded. So you need to find a presentable place for your client meetings. Coworking offices offer access to presentable meeting rooms where people can easily impress their clients and have their meetings. Access to these rooms is usually free and the booking time period of meeting rooms may vary according to each coworking office.

Renting a coworking office in a developed country is a great option as it provides a number of benefits for both the environment and your business as well.

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