Are you confused with the idea that- how coworking helps to outsourced employees?  Coworking has seen a dramatic rise in the recent past. The new working trend has pretty much-ridden startups of their worries regarding setup and operational cost. But is it limited to just startups?

Certainly not! And companies like Snapdeal and KPMG testify that businesses, small and big alike, can reap immense benefits from moving their employees to coworking spaces.

Big companies usually have out-stationed employees all over the world. While most of them have been sticking to long leases at conventional offices and huge rentals for their employees, some are open to the idea simply shift to a coworking space.

How coworking helps businesses with remote teams and out stationed employees?


It Saves Costs

Every business wants to profit. A healthy bottom line is paramount, irrespective of whether you achieve it by increasing revenue or cutting down costs. Why spend a spate of money and time into daily commuting and acquiring long leases when you can make a simple shift to a place where your little administrative tasks are managed on ‘autopilot’?

Happier Employees

Employees who eliminate the hassle of commuting are naturally more satisfied than their counterparts who labor in a fixed traditional office in restricted schedules. Also,  employees with flexible working hours will be generally more satisfied and productive, aiding employee retention, which is usually challenging for big-team companies.

Easy access to global personnel

Technology offers you the privilege to manage your employees from anywhere in the world. If you allow your employees to work from coworking setups, managing them over a computer is simple! You can track their performances, working hours and working methods irrespective of where they operate.

So, you see that the benefits of coworking are not just confined to start-ups. They solve the purposes of big businesses with a much larger workforce too!

Should you make the switch?

It depends on your business. Every business’s needs vary! Yours may be an e-retailing business like that can easily operate through online communication, making coworking suit you. While another business with a big team, say tech-startups may need plenty of consolidated teamwork in their starting days, for which a dedicated office may be ideal.

The good news is, you can get both in a coworking setup.

How can Hustle cowork help your big team?

Hustle cowork offers you a host of features and facilities like:

  • Your own workstation that gives you all the perks of an open and friendly working environment.
  • Access to separate meeting rooms
  • Exciting freebies
  • Lockable cabinets
  • Private Cabins to make your own and adjust 5 to 6 people.
  • Part-time plan facility
  • A well-equipped studio to help you create quality marketing content,

..and the list goes on.

To conclude, it seems like the coworking wave is here to stay, and for all the good reasons! Just like any other approach, it offers challenges. But if it looks like something that may benefit your business, trying doesn’t hurt.

In case you are considering making the leap, we’d be stoked to help you. Book a tour with us!

Continue hustling!


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