Did you know that the multi-million-dollar platform Instagram was started in a coworking space?

That is the direction the entrepreneurial wave is moving in! We have a fleet of entrepreneurs, classed as the ‘The New Rich’, as Tim Ferris, a location-independent entrepreneur himself, likes to call them. They can run even multi-million-dollar businesses from anywhere in the world. The dividends in it? Well, they get to enjoy the comfort and freedom that comes with not having to be in a formal attire in a monotonous backdrop all the time, find quality time for their families and expedite their tasks like pros!     

A boon for the ever-busy entrepreneur

People popularly classed as ‘Digital Nomads’ are those who work independently of any fixed office or residence. Their businesses exist only ‘digitally’ and often eliminate the need for any physical setup. They may as well have a sizeable team or a group of teams in different locations, all working independently in their respective locations!

The young fleet often includes entrepreneurs having e-commerce platforms, affiliate marketing firms, patenting services, online tutorials, blogs or any other business that can do without a fixed office.

How do Coworking hosts catapult the rise of Location Independent Entrepreneurs?


If you’re an entrepreneur, it is certain you already crave location-independence. What do you need for that? A medium for communication, a solid internet connection, and some quality furniture. A Coworking space provides you all of that, and more:

Proximity to current residence

Imagine spending an hour and a half everyday, just commuting to a fixed office! Your valuable time that could have been saved up for something constructive gets squandered as it is. Given the dramatic rise of coworking setups today, you can find them in even remote countries. You may end up at any place in the world at some point for reasons along the lines of networking pursuits, market research, lead-generation or even a vacation(more on that later). Proximity to your workplace to your residence at any given time will give you an edge over your peers who still slog for hours in a mundane ambiance which they travel long distances to reach.

Flexibility of time and location

Time and location have a special relationship. The more independence of time you have, the more motivated you are to work. Coworking spaces offer you the perfect balance of a location appropriate for work, and a time suitable for your state of mind.

Demolition of administrative concerns

Maintaining an office brings a bunch of challenges. To name a few, issues on an uninterrupted supply of electricity, the internet, and food might get on the nerves of an occupied entrepreneurial mind. You can grab a coworking space to simply get rid of all the annoying little worries and focus on the most productive tasks of your enterprise.

Death of monotony

Frequent changes in your working environment are key to a fresh mind and hence, more productivity. In a coworking setup, you get to frequently change seats, meet new people from time to time and have gripping interactions. All these factors arguably make working fun, which is something we all crave, don’t we?

A new approach to vacationing

Who said that you can manage only a few days a vacation annually? You can either choose to slog endlessly and go on a vacation at the end of the year to unwind or, you can go on short vacations every month and yet be ever-so-productive! On a holiday, you can still manage your business by going to a coworking space, doing away with your key business tasks within a couple of hours and getting back to what you signed up for: enjoyment!

For the first time in the world’s history, technology has made the progress and growth of location-independent businesses easier than ever. And the trend of Coworking is likely to dramatically rise in the coming years. The sooner you grab it, the better will it be for your pursuits of location-independence!

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