Coworking is a new trend of working where people come together to work and interact with each other. It is an amazing alternative to home or traditional offices. According to a survey done by Deskmag, number of coworking spaces have increased from 20% in 2014 to 36% in 2015. This means that hundreds of firms have found coworking to be beneficial for their businesses. Also the survey found that more than half of the people had better focus and improved productivity because of co-working. Also coworking spaces helps to reduce stress. We will find out how in the later stage of this article.

Why do people feel stressed at work?

We often find people who get stressed at work. Continuously working for 9-10 hours a day will definitely make you feel stressed. Traditional offices don’t offer ways through which an employee can de-stress at work. Possible reasons why people feel stressed at work are as follows.

Workload- This is the most common reason that make people stressed at work. Sometimes a person is not able to handle too much work which at the end makes that person feel stressed.

Improper work-life balance- According to a recent study, many people are not able to have a proper work-life balance. Overtime, work travel and inflexible work hours makes it difficult for a person to have a proper work-life balance.

Unhealthy relationships at work- Having a good relationship with colleagues is also very important. If this is not the case then it can lead to isolation and unappropriate understanding.

Inconvenient office locations- Many offices are located at inconvenient locations which don’t have proper road or public transport connectivity. Traveling to such offices can be very stressful.

How coworking helps to relieve your stress?

The concept of coworking is all about making work interesting. Coworking makes a possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.  It offer ways through which a person can feel relaxed at work. Some of them are mentioned below.

High speed wifi connectivity- Nowadays everything is done digitally. Having a poor internet connection can lead to huge chunks of losses for any business. This can make a person stressed. At coworking we understand this problem. Coworking spaces provide unlimited high speed wifi connectivity to its clients. Even if any problem occurs in the internet connection, coworking spaces have technical people who will correct that problem in a matter of just minutes. Therefore fast internet connection means a happy person which means a stress free person.

Access to facilities- Today it is very difficult to get a cheap office place. Even if you get one you have to purchase all the basic facilities such as high end printer, espresso machine etc. This can be very costly. Having too many expenses can make a person stressed. At coworking space all such facilities such as printer, coffee machine, cafeteria etc are provided to their clients at a very feasible cost. So the person only have to pay cheap rent and he/she will get all the above mentioned facilities along with it.

Flexibility- Coworking makes working flexible. Such offices generally provide 24 hour access to its employees which allows them to work according to their convenience. Coworking seats makes it easier for an employee as he/she can sit anywhere in the office and do their work. Such type of flexibility allows a person to have a proper work-life balance.

Break through rooms- Working for straight 8-9 hours can be stressful. To liberate you from stress coworking spaces provide break through rooms such as lounges, gaming room and nap room where a person can easily relax for a while. This allows a person to be more creative.

Easy to travel- Coworking spaces understand the pain of travelling that’s why they are located at central locations which have proper road, highways and public transport connectivity.

Interactive zone- People might get stressed when they are stuck at a particular task for a very long period of time. At coworking spaces you get a chance have regular interactions and share your ideas. You might get an idea from another person which might solve your problem on which you were stuck for a long period of time.

Coworking spaces are known as a stress free zones as they allow a person to relax and enjoy his/her work.  

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