Do you remember the ‘Crash the Pepsi IPL’ contest? It was the innovative digital marketing campaign that invited Pepsi fans to make their own commercials for Pepsi, the best of which were to be aired during the matches. Innovation becomes necessary in a scenario that provides you the opportunity to interact with your audience in second via digital marketing. But, your innovation must be at par with the latest digital marketing trends so that you can get the right amount of inspiration and ideas that you need to always have something new to offer to your audience.

Hence, here is our curated list of some peculiar digital market trends in 2017.

Push notifications

The Push notifications are everywhere! They play a great role in your brand’s promotion by allowing you to connect with your customers with short messages anytime, anywhere! This has enabled brands to bring their prospective clients from the unwilling to the willing arena, this part of multi channel approach strategy makes possible to reach higher results when it comes to engaging and retaining customers. The thing is that push notifications are turning into a feature that allows users to undertake an action without even opening the app. It saves a lot of time and (battery life too). As the modern world is moving at a high-speed pace, the time-saving element can’t be ignored. So I predict the growth of push notifications in 2017.


Interactive Content

Digital marketing experts believe that interactive digital content will soon start ruling the industry. In today’s digital landscape, keeping your potential customers engaged is all that matters. As a marketer, your focus should not only be on creating content which they can enjoy but also act upon it. This is exactly why opting for interactive content is a wise move.

Now that you are aware of the latest digital marketing trends, it’s time you start following these and give your business and brand the boost they deserve!

Social Content Getting Expired

Expiring content has become the latest trend in the field of social media. Avoiding them will not only help your brand and business to get rid of all those noise and clutter but also get the attention of target audience. You don’t have to spend huge capital anymore. Give your customers a platform where they can view and read some content for a limited period of time, after which it will disappear.

Live Video

Customers are nowadays showing more interest in connecting with brands that interest them and follow their stories. According to a study recently conducted, more than 50% of online traffic is through online videos with video sharing and video content creation becoming quite common. Since live video broadcasting is expected to enhance, it’s the perfect time business owners make the most out of it.


In-Store Marketing

This year the relationship between online and physical sales techniques will become narrower and in-store marketing will gain popularity. With advancement in technology, consumers are becoming smartphone savvy. They prefer using their device in-store and receive mobile alerts according to their location. Business owners need to optimise their mobile strategy so that they can easily attract more customers using digital techniques.

Mobile marketing

This is the age of millennials. And we know that Millennials took the back seat in the main 3 three years prior, however as more organizations have received mobile responsive website architecture and email formats they have seen less need to concentrate on it, or if nothing else there are less open doors for development.

Above mentioned are the 6 digital marketing trends in 2017.

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