Entrepreneurship journey is lonely. Business owner has to navigate his journey to success. Loneliness is a  feeling which can destroy you in a way of self imposed isolation. To avoid it you should talk to the person who invested in your success. I understand a business owner generally interacts  with his employees or clients. So he needs mentor or friend to talk to.

You can rent up a desk in a cowork space so you can work around a bunch of like minded people. Its a great way of meeting people who might be able to solve your problems.

Calling one of your mentor or other business owner can help you calm down.

Health is the top most thing  You can opt for daily routine exercise. It can help lessen down your stress level. Listening to music or changing location can help you. Carrying out  yourself at different places can be a good change. You can opt for  business incubators who can provide training , mentors, equipment spaces ,and assistance to startup.

Attend events,conferences , social events , or a local meetup its just not for enhancing your trade they are also a source of connecting with other entrepreneurs like you. Networking events also offer opportunities to practice  your pitch and to connect with social investors and entrepreneur .

Make friends out  via social apps that can help you  stay connected and also in touch with the owner of the business.Surround yourself with the people who can support your business and lifestyle.

Always think positive and stop telling yourself the mental stories that your mind keep telling you some can be myths too but if you will think positively their will be a less burden on your health and brain .

Doing good to you will make your business good .

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