1. Dropbox acquires HelloSign for $230 million in cash.
2. HelloSign is San Franciso based startup and gives electronic signature or document workflow services.
3. It is the biggest ever acquisition made by Dropbox.
4. With HelloSign Dropbox plan to deliver a great experience to Dropbox users, simplify their workflows and expand the market.

Dropbox is a cloud storage firm, and millions of people use this platform as a place to collaborate on their most relevant content.

Dropbox co-founder and CEO, Mr Drew Houston said in his statement that –

We are happy to welcome HelloSign’s skilled team to Dropbox. HelloSign team will add capabilities to our product suite. HelloSign has created a flourishing business centred on eSignature and document workflow products that their customers like.

With HelloSign we planning to deliver a great experience to our users, want to simplify their customer’s workflows and boost the market we serve.

Now the point is –
“How is HelloSign going to continue to expand the job they do for customers?”

Customers of HelloSign can use their signatures to digital documents and request for signatures from anyone. Companies who want use it can install the HelloSign signature system into their software. The main important thing is that the technology is available inside products from Google, Salesforce, and now Dropbox.

HelloSign is Famous for-  HelloSign is more well-known for his tools for virtually faxing documents and controlling the flow of paperwork, but their signature tool is more famous than these tools.

HelloSign Information – 

  1. HelloSign founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco.
  2. HelloSign investors are Greylock Partners, Alphabet’s GV, Y Combinator and U.S. Venture Partners.
  3. HelloSign have users around 80,000.
  4. HelloSign customers are Intuit, Lyft, Samsung and Twitter.

According to CEO of HelloSign – they will continue to operate independently, and Dropbox’s sales team will promote our platform to consumers. We will work to maintain this neutrality.