Fooddocs startup gives a digital environment to solve one of the most uncomfortable issues food companies have like-
1. Food-related SMEs and retail chains did not have easy or quick solutions for creating and keeping track of important food safety procedures.
2. Food companies had to produce and maintain lots of paperwork that nowadays become out to date fast, messed up and did not provide a good overview with both internal and external inspection.

Fooddocs startup provides digital ways through which food-related startup, companies, small businesses etc can manage or maintain their documents. Fooddocs “digital quality stamp” provides transparency through the whole value chain.

The fooddocs startup was founded by two women entrepreneurs Katrin Liivat and Karin Repp in 2016, both food technologists and restaurateurs.

Fooddocs co-founder Katrin Liivat said “To create, maintain and manage the records and documents related to food safety company owners need to hire a consultant or spending days of reviewing the management and writing down the processes but, it is difficult to maintain paperwork for a long time. Fooddocs give a digital solution for that like –
1. Template-based creation,
2. So, you able to share and update food safety compliance processes with least effort.

Fooddocs startup has raised € 300k (2,42,83,311.63 Indian Rupee) in a seed funding round led by United Angels VC, with support from other investors like –
1. Mart Kelder who is early Skype employee and first investor in Taxify.
2. Taxify Timo Rein the co-founder and CEO of Pipedrive
3. Martin Rand who is the co-founder of Vitalfields

Fooddocs starting is planning to use the fresh funding to expand their startup everywhere in Europe.

Fooddocs already united with the big European retailers like
1. Stockmann, S-Group who manage Prisma and
2. Dussmann as clients
3. Numerous cafes, restaurants and SMEs that process or do work related to food.

According to Mr Marge Turner, the general manager of Stockmann –
“FoodDocs company guarantees continuity and gives assurance that all significant food safety documents are digital, genuine, and up-to-date.” The company helps you to save your time and money.