1. Carta also was known as eShares who provides a host of investment management products for startup companies from the distribution of stock-option presents to 409A costs.
  2. Carta has built an 80 million dollar Series D funding round — started by Meritech and Tribe Capital. With this funding, they will expand their product series even further.
  3. With this new fund, investors now value Carta at 800 million dollars.

Years ago an investor asked Henry Ward (the founder and CEO of Carta eShares) that when he can buy General Electric things online in just a pair clicks, then when he wants to invest in two founders in a garage, he receive a paper stock certificate in the mail that demands months to secure why?

Carta has changed the early-stage investment and stock options in 2012, now Carta able to provide electronic securities for employees and investors. Today, Carta become the master of holding management products for private, venture-backed companies.

Henry ward started the company in 2012 with a different name (eShares) and a modest product. eShares published electronic stock certificates to employees and investors of personally held companies so that companies do not need to use paper stock grants. The company renamed to Carta in 2017 as its product offering discontinued the name.

Carta is offering products for example — cap table software for startups or businesses so, they can manage the distribution and order of their equity. Carta is providing 409A valuations for personally held companies so they can learn how much their shares are worth. That is the reason why Carta’s competitors now mostly people and spreadsheets.

With the funding of 80 million dollars, Carta has the program to develop its contribution even further. Henry Ward is also planning to build out tools for startups or businesses to streamline the stock-option procedure all the way from the beginning of a company to IPO.

Henry ward the CEO of Carta wants to be involved in a financial infrastructure company.

Carta wants to hold shares in a personally-held company for both employees and investors. Carta will make the purchasing and selling of stock on a secondary market much more easily than it is now.