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A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and works for different companies on various assignments. Anyone who is stuck in his/her stable job or anyone who is not able to function properly at his/her current job should go for freelancing.

What problems are faced by a freelancer?

Although freelancing sounds like an interesting job, it is not easy to survive as a freelancer. You need to be strong and a hard worker to face all the problems associated with freelancing. Here are some problems which every freelancer faces.

Payment troubles

When you are new as a freelancer, many clients will take advantage of you. When you ask your clients for payment cheque, your client will create fake excuses to postpone your payment. You will never get your payment on time.

Time management issues

As a freelancer, you are bound to take more and more jobs but when the deadline comes you suddenly realize that you are only able to complete some of your work. This is will lead to dissatisfaction of your clients.

No fixed income

As a freelancer, you are never sure about how much money you will make in a month. Sometimes you will earn a lot and sometimes you will earn nothing. So, your per month income will keep on fluctuating.

Distractions at home offices

Many freelancers work from their home offices. After a certain period of you start to get annoyed by your family members and also get distracted by home appliances such as Television etc. This hampers your productivity.

Many freelancers work from their home offices. After a certain period of you start to get annoyed by your family members and also get distracted by home appliances such as Television etc. This hampers your productivity.

Fewer clients

As a new and a single freelancer it is very difficult to get new clients. You don’t have any networks to gain new clients. It is very difficult to survive with less number of clients.


How can coworking benefit a freelancer?

Coworking is a creative method of work where people can interact and work together. It has become very popular worldwide. A freelancer can benefit from coworking spaces in many ways such as-

Network Opportunities

Coworking is a shared place where many people come to interact and work together. You as a freelancer can benefit a lot from it. By working at a coworking space you get an opportunity to interact with others make clients. Say you are a content writing freelancer and you decide to work at a coworking office. When you go there and meet people you realize that there is a person who is a website designer and that person needs a content writer for his/her website. Bingo! you got a new client. Also, you might get some suggestions on how to improve your work.

Global networks

Fewer distractions

Coworking offices offer a platform where people can come and work for the whole day. You don’t have to worry about their family interference or get distracted by television and other home appliances. Every coworking space has certain noise rules due to which there are fewer distractions. Also, people who don’t want to be disturbed can use private cabins provided at coworking spaces.

Distraction free

Offers flexibility

Coworking makes working flexibly. Most of the coworking spaces offer 24-hour access so you can work according to your convenience. Coworking seats make it easier for an employee as he/she can sit anywhere in the office and do their work.


Privacy for women

Generally, women freelancers are not able to use their home addresses as their professional addresses. Coworking solves this problem by providing virtual offices where women can use the coworking space address as their professional address. They will get all their work related emails and packages at the coworking space address. They just need to come and collect them.


Increase in income

Coworking space offers you a platform where you get a chance to meet new people and interact with them. Such interactions help you gain referrals or new clients. More the clients you gain more your income increases.

Increases productivity

Secure environment

You as a freelancer might work for a number of clients. Many of them might be worried about how secure your home office is and whether their information is secure or not. Coworking offers high-end security like CCTV cameras etc which makes sure that your information is secure. This gives a relief to you and your clients.


Access to required facilities

Coworking spaces offer you required facilities such as high-speed wifi connectivity, cafeteria, unlimited tea/coffee, meeting rooms etc which are not easily available at home or traditional offices. 

Free facilities

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