Are you the coworker your colleagues look up to? If not, you should! Why do u need to be a good coworker?

A team of good coworkers engenders a happy coworking team. And a happy team can be 12% more productive! This makes a strong case for inculcating habits that make you and your colleagues happier. Let us have a look at some of them.

What makes you a good coworker?

Eliminate Common Oddities

Think about which habits of your coworkers annoy you the most at the workplace. It could be anything from being loud to being extremely talkative. Check with yourself, whether you share some of these oddities. In case you do, it’s time to change, and also motivate your workers to improve. This develops a healthy working culture of employees who are always willing to improve on their weaknesses. This is hence, the first step towards becoming a good coworker.

Emphasize face to face conversations

Given how we millennials have habituated to the slow isolation of telephonic conversations and instant messaging apps, we must now inculcate a habit of communicating in person with colleagues. Something as simple as a high-five greet makes a huge difference to peers’ mood. It releases those feel-good hormones we all need to get by the busy day!


Prioritize Initiative

Although ‘lead by example’ may have begun to sound like nothing but an overused, noisy platitude, it is what actually defines your character.

Check with yourself. Are you a resourceful individual at your workplace? Do your colleagues routinely come to you for advice and help? Do you proactively work on your projects? Do you ensure taking challenges your peers shy away from?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you are on the right path. Otherwise, you must kick a habit to lead in every challenge or task that comes your way in the office.

Be Postive

This is must. You may think that gestures like a cheerful ‘hello’ to your colleagues in the morning go unnoticed but they actually make their day. As discussed earlier, positive employees are more productive, which is what your organization is striving for anyway? Wouldn’t you want to be a part of the beneficial pursuit? You must! Avoid negative conversations, excuses, and cribbing about things you cannot control. This way, you immensely inspire and motivate your co workers to perform well at their tasks.


Stay Humble

Lack of reception towards comments, criticisms, and judgments from peers and seniors signals a negative attitude.And a  negative outlook towards disagreements stems from a lack of humility, which is something you need to be an employee who’s always willing to improve. Humility and empathy are hence, harbingers of a responsible coworker.

Become ‘feedback-hungry’

What is it that helps us improve? Awareness of our flaws! Your coworkers may shy away from telling you straight up what they dislike about you, or they may simply ignore some of your frequent oddities. These are situations where asking them for their feedback about your general behavior can play an instrumental role in improving yourself.  

Stay punctual

Time is money! Neither should you be wasting your time nor somebody else’s. Make sure you report for office events, meetings, and conferences on time. This expresses your respect for your coworkers’ time and makes them respect you too!

Also, saving time is critical to productivity at work. Punctuality is the stepping-stone to a  time-efficient performance at the workplace.

Granted the dramatic rise in the expansion of coworking hubs all over the world, the importance of having good coworking ethics can’t be emphasized anymore. It is what we need to create vigorous, vivacious and positive working culture at workplaces.

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