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An infographic is a type of content which gives a visual picture of a particular data or an information. Importance of infographics has increased gradually. I will explain this with a help of an example. Few of my friends asked me to give them a detailed information on the best coworking spaces in Delhi. I wrote an article of 1000 words and I also made an infographic on the same topic. 95% of my friends read the infographic. According to them, it was easier to read and understand an infographic as compared to an article of 1000 words.

According to a study, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article. It is because of this reason that many companies have started using infographics as a part of their main content strategy.


So, once you have decided to use an infographic, what will be your next step? Of course, it’s designing. Excellent designing is the key to an infographic success. If you have already made a few infographics, great! If you are just a beginner, this article will teach you how to design your own infographic.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get started.

Steps for designing an awesome infographic

Select the message

Why do you want to create an infographic? What message will your infographic deliver? You need to answer such questions seriously before you move on to the designing part. Your message will be the key to your infographic success. Choose it carefully. Generally, the message of an infographic is decided on the basis of 2 approaches.

  • You have the data about a particular topic and you just need to present that data in your infographic.
  • You understand the people problems and you want to provide a solution to those problems in your infographic.


Choose the right form of infographic

Once you have selected the message, it’s time to choose the best form of an infographic. There are 4 forms of an infographic that are commonly used by the companies. Choose the one that is best suitable for your business.

Get the appropriate data

Here, you need to collect the data. I know it’s boring but you need relevant data for your infographic. Generally, there are 2 ways of getting relevant data.

  • Original data- Here you can come up with your own researched data through surveys, interviews etc. You can also ask your company to provide you some relevant data.
  • Data sources- You can take relevant data from various sources such as Statista, World bank etc.


Start designing

You got your message, data and the form of an infographic. So,  what’s left? Of course, the designing part. That is a tough part of making an infographic. It takes years of experience and knowledge. But I can offer you some hacks that will help you design an awesome infographic.

  • For colors- Colors is one of the most important parts of designing. You can check out other infographics to get different color ideas. You can also take help of color lovers to get a perfect color scheme for your infographic.
  • For fonts- Don’t use different types of fonts in your infographic. It confuses the readers and destroys the awesomeness of designing. Remember to use only 2 fonts in your infographic.
  • For layouts- You should select a proper layout for your infographic. The chosen layout should completely balance the information in the infographic.
  • For charts- You want to present a lot of data in an infographic? Don’t worry, take help of excel sheet to make charts, pie diagrams etc. It properly represents the data and improves the readability index as well.
  • For outlines- Before you start designing, make sure to make an outline for your infographic. It makes a pattern that keeps the flow of your story in an organized manner.


Once you are done with designing, it’s time to promote your infographic. Why? You created an infographic for a reason and it’s only through a promotion that your target market can read your infographic. You can choose a lot of channels to share your infographics such as social media, blogs, and email newsletter.

The above mentioned are the certain steps that can help you create an awesome infographic. What if I tell you that there are some tools that can help you create an awesome infographic? It’s great, isn’t it? A little help can make work interesting.

7 tools to create an infographic


It is a free tool which has a huge library of images, charts, and templates at its disposal. With the help of this tool, you can create eye-catching infographics. You can choose various free templates and fonts for your infographic. If you are willing to spend some money, you can get access to premium templates and elements as well.



This tool comes under the category of resume maker. With the help of this tool, you can create an attractive infographic resume for yourself and your friends. Vizualize enhances the visual representation of your resume.

Google charts

We all must have heard about Google charts. It offers a huge library of charts and elements which can help you create attractive charts for your website. You can customize those charts according to your convenience.


It is a free tool which offers a large number of templates to its users. You can customize these templates according to your convenience. It also offers a collection of free arrows, fonts, and shapes which are also customisable. You can also upload pictures and position them according to your convenience.



It is an awesome tool to create and publish infographics. It offers a huge number of charts, lines, fonts and shapes to its users. You can choose from different themes to change the background. This tool allows you to use the animations in your infographics.  

Photo Infographic Gen Lite

What if you can easily convert your photos into infographics? It will be a great idea, isn’t it? But is it really possible? Yes, it is. This tool allows you to instantly convert your photos into beautiful infographics. You can also customize your photos according to your needs.  


It is an ultimate presentation and an infographic tool which offers a lot of features to its users. This tool allows you to upload images and gives you an option to resize it as well. You can also modify fonts and color schemes to give a great look to your infographic. This tool is available in 3 versions.

  • Free version
  • Lite version for $15/month
  • Pro version for $29/month

You can take the help of above-mentioned steps and tools to create an awesome infographic for your business.

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