How does Hustle care for Coworkers?

Entrepreneurs want a refuge. A refuge from the monotony of a traditional office, from the chatter of a cafe and from the pesky distractions of a home office. And Coworking hubs do a great job at meeting their needs.

But, entrepreneurs have concerns. Concerns, along the lines of:

  • Physical security, which only a constant presence of a guard can ensure
  • Safety for women from perils like harassment, and inappropriate behaviour
  • Confidentiality of critical personal and work-related information, which they may think gets compromised in an open workspace
  • Well-equipped, clean washrooms, specifically for women, who may need additional arrangements from time to time
  • A generally clean working environment

Fret not, for we empathize with all of you! So, let us tell you how we can help:

Cameras: We care for your safety, and hence, we have CCTV cameras all over our office, much like the office of just about any other professional brand that takes care of its employees.

A 24/7 Guard: We treat your precious belongings like ours (not literally!). We have a full-time office boy/guard who ensures your safety throughout the day. This is a boon for nightshifters, which most outsourced employees and freelancers with overseas projects happen to be.

Fire extinguishers: Again, just like the good old traditional, professional office, we have the equipment to combat contingencies.

Biometric Thumb Impression System: Once you associate with us, we register your fingerprints on our Biometric attendance system. This ensures entry of only the registered coworkers into the hub, helping you stay free of any worries about security.

Entry Restriction: The entry to the workspace is restricted to only the members. So if a non-member comes over and wants to meet you, the meeting will not be permitted without your consent. It’s important that we take care of whom you want to meet and whom you don’t!

Private Cabin Facility: Many entrepreneurs love the idea of working in a cool workspace full of like-minded people to talk to, bouncing interesting ideas around and getting all kinds of business networking dividends. But many of them may as well be outsourced employees working for big companies. Most big companies deal with critical information and want to ensure consummate confidentiality among its outsourced teams.

Or heck, you might be just about any other entrepreneur who dislikes the idea of co workers peeping into her computer screen. Just about someone who wants to keep her mailing process private. Allow us to remind you again, we empathise with you! We can provide you a cabin you can call your own and work in without any confidentiality concerns.

Clean working environment: We have already covered how clean toilets at workspaces boost productivity. We experienced it. And we stick to it. Also, to give you a cleaner air to breathe in polluted places like Delhi, we go out of our way to install air purifiers in our rooms!

A generally supportive culture: This is something that happens on it own.


  • Being surrounded by like-minded people – Here, you get to work with a bunch of coworkers, most of which happen to be well-educated, ambitious and qualified millennials. You can hence, expect a culture foregrounded by the principles of healthy work ethic and a helping attitude.
  • A healthy Sex Ratio – We know that sex ratios at wiorkplaces have been an issue in India. Since we are always trying to give you the best service possible, we also try to keep that in mind. Of course, having a balanced pool of female and male coworkers isn’t something we can control. But our own team hosts more than a healthy balance! Come, check it out!

Employee security, safety and general health care are things that should always be a priority for any responsible employer. Moreso, for a coworking hub which hosts a pool of employees, along with their employers. Hence, Hustle Cowork professionally handles this yet another key area of your daily business administration, so you can focus on what’s important to you. You know, all the good stuff like  learning, collaborating, networking and growing! 

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