OFFICE SPACE PLANNING sounds important, right?

Let’s find out.

Office space planning involves various methods which are used to arrange and design office layouts which help people to work together in teams and different departments which facilitate proper supervision and communication. Planning a workspace is very important while expansion or relocation of office. To fully utilize the space and maximize its efficiency you require office space planning.

There are many ways through which you can properly plan your office space which is conducive and comfortable to work. While planning your work space it is crucial to take your employee’s perspective into account.

Why is office space planning essential?

While designing a workspace it is beneficial to understand how employees can easily interact with each other and the top management. Nobody will like to come and work in a poorly designed work space. It will easily reduce your productivity. That’s why it is important to carefully plan your work space. Here are few reasons that will prove its importance.

Proper functioning

If you want to get your work done quickly then efficient, flexible and functional office space is of high importance. Functionality can be achieved through the following.

  1. You should make a list of valuable furniture and types of equipment such as computers, tables, chairs, telephones etc which are commonly used by your employees.
  2. To increase flexibility you should make the types of equipment easily accessible to your employees such as all desks should easily fit all important tools, desks to be kept close to internet ports and electrical outlets etc.

More productive 

Office space planning can increase the productivity of your employees. There are certain things that you need to follow.

  1. Follow the 3 feet rule between sitting and walking areas.
  2. There should be 3 feet distance between conference tables and coworkers.
  3. The width of the walkways should be more than 3 feet.
  4. Breakout rooms should be away from desks.
  5. Quit spaces should be far away from noisier places


Ergonomic design

Pleasing and a comfortable furniture always help you to work better. Offices are designed in an ergonomic way to provide comfort to its employees. Few elements of ergonomic design are as follows-

  1. Chairs should be adjustable in seat angle, seat height, and arm height.
  2. Task chairs are preferred by many people due to its comfort.
  3. Larger desks for paper work employees and small desks for computer based employees.
  4. Locker facilities for your employees


The best office layout offers a lot of clarity to the work environment. Transparent office environment provides a lot of advantages such as the following.

  1. There is easy communication at all levels and all managers are available when needed.
  2. Proper work space ensures employees that company funds are spent in a right manner.
  3. Amazing office space creates a quality image in the minds of your visiting clients. They start to see your offered products/services in a different manner which is good for your business.
  4. Open work spaces send a clear picture to its employees and clients that they are not hiding anything and they are working according to their set goals. This helps to build trust.

So, if you are designing a workspace make sure to go through the above points in order to completely understand the worth of workspace planning.

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