Tired of working at home or traditional offices? If yes, then try a searching a coworking space. 

Coworking is an innovative business concept which offers a shared working space where people can interact and work together. It is an excellent alternative to home or traditional offices. According to a study done by Deskmag, number of coworking spaces have increased from 24% in 2013 to 36% in 2015. This is because benefits provided by coworking spaces are way too in number as compared to traditional offices.

What to look for while searching a coworking space?

Looking for a coworking space is a problematic task but here is a list of important things that you should know while searching a coworking space.

Wifi connectivity

Today everyone requires a proper wifi connectivity as everything is done digitally. It is one of the most important thing that a person looks for while searching a coworking space. Poor wifi connectivity can hamper there whole business.



Many offices in India are located in areas which don’t offer proper road connectivity which makes traveling a nightmare. A person will choose a coworking space which is well connected with all major roads, highways and public transports. This will make traveling stress free.

Other tenants

It is necessary to know the existing tenants in a coworking office. They want to make sure whether existing tenants have a similar business, working hours and working style or not. Obviously, a sales team with there constant phone calling would not like to disturb a content writing team and share a coworking open space with them.  

Choice of seating

Some businesses require private cabins to function properly while others require open spaces to interact freely. Thus, choice of seating matters.

Office timings

Generally many coworking offices offer 24 hour access while a few offer 12 hour access. You should choose a coworking office according to your work convenience.


Network generation

Regular events gives a chance to meet new people and increase your networks. A person will choose a coworking space which organizes regular events.


Every coworking space has its own culture. This culture has been formed by previous coworkers over the years. It is obvious that some entrepreneurs might have a quiet culture while others might have a dynamic  culture.

Cafeteria and others services

Cafeteria is a place where people can eat and relax. It acts as an important requirement for many people. Also few of the coworking spaces provides unlimited tea/coffee, access to printer/scanner etc to its coworkers which is an added advantage.

Duration of contract

Coworking spaces rent its services on a daily, monthly and a yearly basis. It totally depends on the entrepreneur which plan he/she wants to choose. Thus, duration of contract matters.


This is the main reason why coworking spaces have become popular. They offer cheap infrastructure as compared to other conventional offices. If cheap rent is your priority then Hustle Cowork provides a coworking seat at Rs. 5000/month.


Positive environment

Entrepreneurs will prefer those coworking spaces that have a supportive and a favorable environment. Such type of an environment helps them to succeed and stay motivated.

Meeting/Conference rooms

Every entrepreneur requires a private room where he/she is able to discuss all the important matters related to his/her business  and also to have meeting with his/her clients. Meeting/Conference room fulfills this requirement.

Noise levels

A place with less distractions is well suited for work. Every coworking office has its own noise rules. Some might have decent noise rules while others might have pin drop silence noise rules. You should choose a place according to your convenience.

More and more coworking offices are opening worldwide. With the help of the above mentioned list, choose a coworking space which suits you the most.

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