A place fully equipped with office use appliances, a cafeteria and restrooms is what we call a basic cowork. These are the facilities which are indispensable for a cowork. But these are not the only facilities that cowork spaces offer nowadays.

Cowork spaces are changing rapidly. They are not merely a workplace now. Nowadays, cowork spaces are offering ‘boutique services’- like yoga centres, gym areas, playing areas. Why does these facilities hold a significant value in a cowork? Answer to this is ‘How long can an individual work without taking a break?’ and what significance would that ‘break’ have if the mind isn’t rejuvenated enough to continue working?

Similarly, there are facilities which are important exceptionally for women. Such facilities may not hold any importance to most men. But they might mean the world to women (metaphorically speaking). Only-women cowork spaces have started getting recognition in the race of startups. Mothers who work freelance or are entrepreneurs to small businesses have different needs that ought to be taken care of. It makes sense that women-focussed-cowork is now given importance.

‘Women are craving community, connection and confidence, and that is what we are going to give them.’

In India, We have only-women coaches in metros and trains, buses, autos and cabs only for women and what not. We have even made divisions in professions for men and women. Now we talk about cowork spaces only for women.

We are a developing country, we need to give equal opportunities to everyone in the country. And women are expected to better the future. Why not work on their issues?

Women in India have been subjected to many changes. From the extreme conservative thinking, India and Indian women have come a long way. In modern India, women have achieved laurels. They have held the dignitary posts of Prime Minister, President, Chief Ministers, Governors and what not. But these are only a handful of names. Women still have a long way to go. A long way before they achieve the equities they deserve. We need to Work on women issues to empower the whole women community. And if All Women cowork helps in taking a step forward, why not encourage them?


  • Support and safety: In India, crime rate against women is devastatingly high. This is one of the major reasons why women do not take bold steps to start their own businesses. This results in lack of support by the family. All women cowork will help women be self sufficient and start experimenting. When women will come together and work, they will have each other’s support.
  • Women empowerment: In India, startups and businesses are still dominated by men. With opening all women cowork, we will take a step further to empower women. This will motivate more women to come out of their houses and start working on the projects they could not before. This initiative will help women showcase their talent and let the world know that women are here to compete.
  • A place to socialize with women who have coinciding mind set: To prove their worth and achieve what they deserve, women need support more than anything. And since they all have gone through similar troubles, they will be sympathetic to each other. They will together create a world of their own.
  • Crutches or Child care centres: It will be a blessing for all the mompreneurs out there. She can work in peace when she knows that her child is completely taken care of. Most women leave working after the child. Cowork space with child care will make a huge difference for them.
  • Breast feeding room: There is an all women cowork in Manhattan called ‘The Wing’ where they have a breastfeeding room. Can you imagine, How perfect the life of a new mom will be? These are the needs of women that must be taken care of.
  • Yoga centres: All the cowork spaces in general have started providing such health related services. People in 21st century are more health conscious than ever. In all women cowork, women will have all the place to themselves. All issues of separate time slots resolved.
  • Feminine decor: Most women are very particular about the places they visit, their interiors and the ambience. These things will be kept in mind in infrastructure of an all women cowork. If the interiors of a place are of soothing pastel colors, the chances that it will attract women are more.
  • Libraries : Cowork spaces offer gaming zones and gym areas, in general. Considering most women are not fans of gaming, All women cowork places can offer a place for reading and relaxing.
  • Beauty stores and spas: Necessities! Much needed necessities! A place to hang around and gossip. Ain’t no lady gonna say no to that.  

All these facilities exclusively under one roof. There isn’t anything else women nowadays can ask for.

One of the major results that incorporating All Women Cowork spaces will provide is emotional support. Women from different backgrounds will come together, stand together and work together. Secondly, those women, who have had bad experiences in other workplaces will be happy to have a place where they need not worry anymore.

India needs to grow and India needs to grow fast. The need is to provide equal growth opportunities to every citizen. For that, we need to adapt an unbiased behavior towards everyone. There can be many other ways to deal with these issues. All women cowork is only a part of it. We can be sure that it will help. But we can never be sure about how much difference it will make.  

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