November, 2016, saw the rolling out of the National Student Startup Policy. It sure promises a lot of goodies. Let us discuss the same in detail.

What are the key features?

  1. The objective to create 1,00,000 student tech-start-ups and new employment opportunities to the tune of 1 Million by the year 2025.
  2. The policy stems from the Government’s initiative ‘Start-up India’.
  3. The policy dictates the AICTE approved institutions to include up to 40% skill building programs and 30% knowledge-building courses. And interestingly, the remaining 30% courses will focus on attitude development.
  4. The objective to start a fund to finance start-up events that will be organized at national/international levels.
  5. Up to Rs.10,000 crores worth of investment will be pushed via venture funds registered with SEBI.
  6. The objective to develop better infrastructural facilities geared at the technology sector, which desperately needs it. Up to Rs. 20 crores will be provided to students for the cause.
  7. The objective emphasizes support to rural areas’ students in need of training in administration and idea-generation.


Does it benefit your startup?

If you wish to form a startup while you are in college, this can pretty much be the best time for you to hop on the wagon. You are likely to get the following benefits anyway:

  • A much-needed curriculum change which takes the focus away from rote learning and stresses creativity.
  • Start up fests in colleges to help you interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas and expand your learning.
  • A special seminar for idea generation.
  • Guidance for rural students.

The takeaway

India is in a demographic boom right now. It is home to a pool of a majoritarians young workforce. Charged with countless ideas and potential, the startup trend can be the next big thing the country’s growth, and a better satisfaction level for the workforce.

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