On Friday, a new initiative by Uber ‘Decongest India’ has been launched which is aimed at reducing nationwide pollution and congestion. The initiative’s main motive is to promote shared mobility so as to make urban transportation stress free.

In the starting, Uber through this initiative will be focusing on solving the problem of congestion across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. According to a study by Uber, a private car is only used for 4% for its time and average rates of occupancy are around 1:14 people/car. If the existing resources are used in a proper way then we can provide a solution to the world which looks similar to a parking lot and moves like a jam.

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Decongest India initiative is focussed on 4 main issues

  • Carpooling incentivising
  • Decreasing dependence on parking
  • Creating affordable and credible alternatives to ownership of private cars
  • Promoting public transport by offering reliable and affordable mobility alternatives that help to cover every distance

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