A new formula of office space is evolving.

Work Strategies +Space + Culture = Office Space

The goal of office space is to provide high performance work environment that maximize employee productivity and reduce long term operating expenses.

Building cool amenities can help build company’s culture, especially if you are startup and want to build young and cool environment.

Today’s generation of workers expect adaptable office environments with high tech features. Cool office space can create an everlasting impression on potential employees.

Well-designed office spaces inspire employees. Well-designed office space is a proven factor in hiring and keeping world class workforce. It results in improved recruitment and retention rates .It further decreases expenses to replace staff.

Office spaces with vibrant culture can increase employee engagement. Good office spaces are known to increase work productivity. Employees are happy to spend more time in office and work to achieve goals.

Attractive co work offices can be good place to start interviewing if you are starting new business and want to create impression on your team.

Effectively planned office spaces allow workers to interact on an informal basis. It helps in increasing collaboration, teaming, and social ties, which can create more cohesive groups and more creative problem solutions. Research has shown that supportive coworker relationships help people in dealing with stress.

Herman Miller found that enabling teams to collaborate and share information improved work group process quality by 3 percent and decreased project cycle times.

Good Office Space include spaces for individual work, such as offices or cubicles, as well as more open meeting areas for small collaborative sessions, meeting rooms for more formal gatherings, and lounge type social areas for impromptu meet-ups.

When your company is looking for new office space, there are many factors of cost, space, building, location factors and talent to consider.When considering the talent criteria, it’s important to consider which amenities are going to best fit your company’s culture, support recruiting and retention efforts, enhance employee engagement, provide a boost for office productivity, and make your employees happiest.

Identifying your company’s priorities for office space amenities can require some soul-searching and challenging self-assessment.

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