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  1. Niche venture capital funds are looking for the startup in which they can invest in a pre-series A round.
  2. The company is ready to give anywhere between a few hundred thousand to a million dollars to prove an initial jumpstart.
  3. Niche venture capital create three funds –

1. Pi Ventures – meant especially for investments in Artificial Intelligence-based startups.

2. Bharat innovation fund – for intellectual property IP -driven companies or startups with a financial composition theme, and

3. Micelio especially for electric mobility.

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The company mission is to act as feeder funds to support small companies, and new-age startups grow to a series B or C level so, they could get a great exit and ready to help larger VCs to come in.

If you are heading a new-age startup and needing venture funding so, it can be a big opportunity for you to get the large venture capital funds. Niche Venture capital funds is a new crop of investors who could help you.

Mr Kunal Khattar who is the managing partner of AdvantEdge said in a statement that “there are lots of sector-agnostic funds, especially in the technology sector. The essential thing is to separate ourselves from the others, not only from a limited partner point of view but also from a founder’s point of view.”

According to the Economic Times – AdvantEdge company is currently building its second fund. With the fund, they are planning to concentrate primarily on the mobility space and is targeting a corpus of Rs 300 crore.

Sanjay Jain of Bharat Innovation Fund said the trend is growing fast and I believe there is depth in the startup ecosystem in India. We start Bharat Innovation Fund because we can wait for niche entities forming hardcore tech solutions to resolve India-centric difficulties.

Shreyas Shibulal, Micelio (Rs 140-crore fund) founder said- “We are looking for new-age companies or startups in the electric mobility space. Our aim is to provide them with the stages where they could be examining their prototypes and searching for their market product. Before announcing these funds we travelled across cities to assume the needs of these entities so, we can work according to their demands.

Niche venture capital funds are looking for the early-age startups who need funding to grow their business. Further, we are thinking to create an ecosystem which benefits all of them who are working in a specific sector.