Sports Flashes becomes the world’s biggest sports radio

  1. Sports Flashes is an Internet radio service launched in January 2018. The company has broadcast sports content like live chat commentaries, talk shows, exclusive sports programs, experts comments or advice, sports updates, audio documentaries, and university sports.
  2. Short flashes have got audio rights of the 2018–19 Premier League Season. The app-based sports network also owns the video rights of the ICC World Cup archive footage.
  3. Sports Flashes claim to record total listener-ship of 3.6 million and 45 million audiences in December.

sports flashes becomes the world's biggest sports radio

Now when players invest millions of dollars for creating content (for their videos and promotion) how can an Indian startup “sports flashes” claim to be the biggest sports radio channel who provide app-based, 24-hour multisports services.

Mr Raman Raheja (managing director of Sports Flashes) in chit-chat with The Economic Times said -sports flashes have recorded a listener-ship of 3.6 million and a reach of 45 million audiences in December. He is doing a discussion with the great person to raise around Rs 50 crore in a Series A round.

The company got audio rights of the 2018–19 Premier League season, global audio broadcaster rights of India cricket, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and all the past World Cup cricket match footage rights.

The company have tremendous plans around the world cup as-
1. Sports flashes are in talks with the head players for four-five web-series around top fields, platforms, devices, sports leaders etc.
2. Sports flashes are preparing to broadcast an audio feed of the World Cup in different 11 languages like Hindi, English, and other regional Indian languages.
3. Sports flashes main goal is to reach 1 billion customers with the ICC World Cup as they are using $7 to 8 million on content and packaging.

The company has plans to launch their services in different global markets, and they want to become the partner with local players there as the company has signed partnerships with BBC and TalkSports
1. For the UK, and
2. For the three radio stations in Australia.
Currently, the company is trying to convince radio players in Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean region.