1. Startup Manch is a Bangalore based vernacular content platform founded by IIT Bombay alumni Pritam Roy and Osmania university alumni Harikrishna Sunkari in 2018.
  2. The knowledge sharing startup Manch get seed funding of Rs. 5 crores from Stellaris Venture Partners. Manch startup is a platform which gives the opportunity to the users to ask questions and express opinions on various topics.
  3. The startup claims that they have around 30,000 monthly active users in India. The platform is currently available for text and image formats but, they are planning to launch audio-video format on their platform for their users.

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Vernacular content platform Manch raises rs. 5 crore

The startup plans to use the freshly raised capital to accelerate strategies for developing skills for its users and invest in product innovation. Mr Sujeet Kumar who is the co-founder of Udaan and former Flipkart executive also participated in the funding round. Manch startup will use the fund of Rs. 5 crores to grow product modification and acquire users.

The CEO and co-founder Mr Pritam Roy told The Economic Times that “People mostly seek news and content related to their interest and actively do discussions around these topics in their local groups. At Manch, we are focused on understanding this behaviour and re-imagining the medium which best captures the opinions of these users.”

Who are the biggest competitors for Manch Startup?

  1. The biggest competitor of Manch startup is Vokal which is a social networking platform founded by TaxiForSure.
  2. If we talk about acquiring a users face-time, Manch startup needs to compete with its main competitors like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Stellaris Venture Partners partner Mr Rahul Chowdhry share why they seed funding in Manch Startup — “No platforms trying to build a community or discussion platform for the local audience. We believe that Manch is solving a need by creating a discussions platform for the vernacular audience.

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