TeamIndus, a private startup company situated in Bangalore, India, is one and only Indian entrant in the Google Lunar X Prize, the worldwide contest to land a spacecraft that is private on the moon. For TeamIndus, there is a few, thrilling things at stake. They will win $20 million and become the first private company to land on the moon if they are first in the contest. They will realize something their very own government space agency has yet to realize: soft landing on the moon if they are successful whatsoever. The firm had little of a late start in the contest, joining 3 years after the Google Lunar X Prize was declared.

Although TeamIndus uses over 100 people, was one of 3 teams to win the one million dollars landmark award of X Prize for the lunar lander technology, and on their way to lifting upwards of $10 million now. These elements have helped the place of procured TeamIndus as a lead competitor in the competition, but they definitely have some means to go. The firm has yet to procure a launch contract, for instance, which will be something they will need to do shortly if they desire to meet with the deadline of landing of the X Prize on the moon by December 2017.

Their assignment plan includes launching a spacecraft on Indian rocket in Earth orbit that is low. Before starting a propulsive maneuver that can propel it toward the moon the spacecraft will complete two orbits around our planet. An insertion burn will put the spacecraft in lunar orbit before starting the most complex part of its assignment: descent to the surface where it is going to travel around the moon 3 to four times. The TeamIndus rover is deployed from a parent spacecraft once the spacecraft touches down. The lander may roll of at least 500 meters along the surface and to send hi-def pictures and video of the moon back to Earth to finish the X Prize conditions.

TeamIndus Selection of Rocket. When asked what the delay was in procuring TeamIndus co creator, a launching. Rahul Narayan clarified that their scenario is somewhat different than other X Prize competitors. TeamIndus may be flying with a government owned and managed rocket while other teams have signed launching contracts with private rocket businesses. Especially, TeamIndus will ride on the PSLV rocket, an automobile with a strong history of dependability of the Indian Space Research Organization. In June, its 35th straight successful assignment was finished by PSLV. TeamIndus is establishing a precedent for conducting business with the Indian government by buying a ride on PSLV. Narayan noted that since this is the first of its type scenario, it’s taking a little more time to sort out everything. When asked if they might need authorization from their authorities to go to the moon, Narayan clarified that because the Indian government owns PSLV, a launching contract that was signed would naturally contain the permission of their government. When compared to the other rockets chosen to bring the X Prize teams to the moon, the PSLV may be an excellent edge for TeamIndus and is probably the best.

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