• SlicePay startup gets RBI (reserve bank of India) license to provide NBFC (non-banking financial services)
  • SlicePay works to help students to purchase goods and services when they do not have cash-in-hand
  • SlicePay startup founded by Mr Rajan Bajaj and Mr Deepak Malhotra
  • Mr Rajan Bajaj has tweeted –

Slicepay startup gets RBI license to pay NBFC services #startupnews

SlicePay is a Bengaluru based startup which focused on micro-lending to students. Mr Rajan Bajaj is the c-founder of SlicePay startup recently has tweeted that his startup gets RBI (reserve bank of India) license to provide non-banking financial services.

As we all know about the fact that students are big consumers of food, travel, entertainment, and clothes, but it is not possible that all the time they have cash-in-hand to purchase something immediately.

SlicePay startup works on that as the company empowers students to purchase everyday goods and services online from different platforms.

SlicePay startup partners include Amazon, Bookmyshow, Flipkart, Uber Eats, Myntra and Paytm.

Student microfinancing start-up SlicePay gets RBI licence for NBFC play

The company revealed that the credit which can go up more than  Rs 60,000 and for which the company takes no security, deposit, insurance, can be of different tenures. The company doesn’t give direct cash to students but they work to helps them to purchase goods and services. You can convert the transaction amounts into EMIs.

The startup gets funding from Japan’s Das Capital, Blume Ventures, Tracxn Labs, and Simile Ventures from Russia.

Mr Rajan Bajaj and Deepak Malhotra is the founder of SlicePay startup, and they worked at Flipkart and PayPal.

Now the startups are getting more funding because they are coming up with fantastic ideas so, the big brands cannot stop themselves to invest in new-age startups. As we all aware with the fact that digital marketing is the new phase of the 21st century and everyone is somewhere related to it.

The new-age startups take advantage of the digital world to get more work, fame, name, business, customers, and funding. But some of the startups are not only working on their own as they provide some benefits to the world.
SlicePay is one of those startups who work to bring some change in the world.