1. Mumbai-based startup Vantage health has raised 50 million dollars from venture capital firm IQGEN Holdings LLC.
  2. Mr Aman Iqbal (PhD in Chemical Biology from the University of Oxford) is the founder of Vantage Health startup said that “Our aim is to automate and standardize basic healthcare supported by secondary healthcare or hospitals.”
  3. This startup collects and processes diagnostic samples using saliva and blood to get genetic, microbiome and epigenetic data.
  4. Mr Steve Cormick who is the investor of IQGEN says that “With the huge amounts of raw data, Vantage health motive is to help the government so, that government can plan their health budgets. Mr Steve Cormick said, “India is sitting on a health data gold mine that can be leveraged to standardize healthcare and to make it affordable to all.”

Vantage health startup flagship product “DocAI” software does pattern analysis to inform users and rate them as healthy, at-risk, and high-risk so, that they can prescribe them the medicines.

IQGEN is a healthcare investment and advisory firm founded by Mr Aman Iqbal. According to the media reports — In May 2018 IQGEN had launched a $25 million worth earliest healthcare focused fund vantage to give fund in India and some other Asian countries.
The firm motive is to invest fund anywhere between $1 million to $5 million, especially in pre-Series A and Series A rounds of companies in the areas of biopharma, health-tech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.