1. A Mumbai based Talent Technology Startup Shortlist has raised rs. 14.2 crore in Series A Funding.
2. The startup founded by Simon Desjardins, Paul Breloff and Matt Schnuck in 2016.
3. The startup claims to have customers like Ather Energy, Dunzo, ITC Ltd, DHL, Topper and UberEats.

Paul Breloff who is the co-founder and CEO of Shortlist, said, “Our only focus is to discover the best measure of tech-powered scale and human-driven curation to create the greatest teams. A team which help us to work on quality over quantity. We hope that this round and our new co-workers will support us to accelerate our attempts to get employers to leave the CV in support of more predictive measures of fit.”

Shortlist company have offices in –
1. Nairobi,
2. Palo Alto,
3. Hyderabad, and
4. Mumbai

Shortlist company work is to combines technology and human touch to know job-seekers –
1. Skills,
2. Attitude, and
3. Motivation
Shortlist company motive is to give better hiring results for employers across East Africa and India.

Before this round, shortlist company had raised 7.1 crore funds from AHL Venture Partners, University Ventures, and Shell Foundation in September 2017.

The company main motive is to use the funds to increase outreach to job seekers, give more time to improve its algorithmic matching and to work in a way so, that they can grow geographically. The company is planning to expand its footstep in their hometown and beyond East Africa in 2019.

Employing high-quality people in developing markets takes so much time and interrupt teams. Shortlist company is famous because they deliver an excellent solution to the human capital challenge from entry-level to mid-level hires to senior-level executive search.

Now Indian startups are not afraid to experiment with the human resources method and always ready to implement new-new technologies – For Example –
Artificial Intelligence to improve the job market and hiring manner.