Did you know that successful companies like Instagram, Timehop, Wanderfly, and Uber started in coworking spaces?

Technology makes it possible for today’s ever-so-ambitious generation to implement innovative ideas and make big businesses out of them! This has inspired several tech-founders who mostly rely on software to develop their products to test the turbulent waters of the market. But the start is often rough for most of them. Let’s see how!

What are the problems of today’s tech-founders

Human resources

Many tech-oriented entrepreneurs run into issues of having

  • A platform to hire enough manpower for their businesses especially in their firm’s initial stages,  
  • a platform to entice millennials, owing to the latter’s fascination with offices that mimic layouts of tech-giants like Google (bean bags, free food and all that jazz which a traditional, low-budget start-up office cannot provide), and
  • a way to retain employees because of their inability to meet the expectations of ambitious millennial employees.

The Costs!

Tech-entrepreneurs are always in a pressing need of saving money. Their work requires good equipment, eliminating the option of investing in full-fledged office and bearing the heavy initial setup costs therein.

Lack of Administrative Skills

Many people with a technical mind mistakenly think that they can manage a business by themselves. However, not everybody is cut out for it. Different people have different strengths. A business requires different talents to handle areas like operations, finance, marketing, and sales.

Due to excessive focus on the technical side of their business, tech-entrepreneurs get bogged down by the administrative tasks and lose potential clients. This breeds frustration and dilemma, making many of them drop their unique and actionable ideas!


Lack of a platform to meet investors

You desperately need investors, as a tech-startup owner. But where do you find them?

  • Investors may not always be easy to reach
  • You may not be able to find an investor that meets your needs and understands you quickly
  • You need to hunt for different investors, one after the other, to get your ideal deal. But finding so many of them seems an uphill task

Winning customers’ trust

Be it a big business or a startup, brand image building is a critical step which you should expedite from the start.

You already struggle to get clients. Even when you do get them, you struggle to convince them of your product’s good quality if you are operating from a humble bedroom/traditional office setup.

This makes building brand image challenging.


 So, how does coworking help?

Availing yourself of a coworking/shared space can help you address all of the aforementioned problems well. Here’s how:

  • Shared spaces offer you a place full of hiring and/or collaborating opportunities owing to the presence of like-minded people whom you can interact with and get resourceful employees out of. So, the task of getting suitable human resources is managed
  • A shared space setup offers you a great working environment at an extremely low-rent as compared to a personal office. So join one and immediately prune your costs.
  • Shared spaces hosts provide you with ample opportunities to interact with often massively talented and experienced peers. This is something you get nowhere else. You can collaborate with other entrepreneurs who share your business interests and quickly develop a powerful business team. This throws your administrative issues out of the way.
  • Several events are frequently organized at coworking spaces. Events comprise, lectures, seminars, group activities and much more! This exponentially builds your network and helps you get in touch with a suitable investor soon!
  • Shared spaces help you impress your clients and win their trust. If you ditch your current home/small office setup for an aesthetically pleasing coworking office for a reasonable rent, you get a receptionist to greet your clients, a sizeable office flaunting a body of different entrepreneurs and employees, a separate room for meeting with your client. If this doesn’t leave a great impression on a client, what else will?


How can Hustle Cowork help you?

At Hustle, you get an incredible value for your money. Allow us to elaborate:

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  • As a unique feature, we offer a well-equipped studio for photography and video production for your content-creating pursuits!
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