Planning to start your business? Congratulations! What next comes in your mind? Your own office space. But before you rent an expensive private office, why not consider two option that-  why to choose shared office & why not to choose. A shared office space provides all required facilities (wifi, meeting rooms, conference rooms etc) at a cheaper cost. You don’t have to worry about cleanliness at the office. Shared office space will provide you housekeeping facility.

An office space should be selected according to you and your team’s convenience. If you are self-employed or you have a small team of 4-5 members then renting a shared office space makes more sense. Before you make a decision here is a list of 10 things to consider while choosing a shared office space.



It is one of the most important reasons why startups prefer coworking spaces. If you are self-employed or if you have a small team of 4-5 members, there is no point in renting a private office and pay huge rents. The best option is to rent a coworking office which has a reasonable rent. The cheapest coworking space is provided by Hustle cowork at Rs. 5000/month a seat.

Location of the office


Location of the office is the next important thing that people consider while choosing a shared office. People generally prefer an office which is centrally located and has proper connectivity to main roads, highways and public transport. With ease of commute, your clients can meet you to discuss business. Proper location of the office will make your life easier.

Infrastructure and other facilities


Shared spaces offers facilities according to your chosen packages. If you want to rent a conference room for 2 hours the facilities offered along with it will be less as compared to a company who wants to rent a shared office for a month. Facilities include high-speed wifi connectivity, unlimited tea/coffee, gaming rooms, cafeteria etc. The infrastructure of the office is also important. The office should look professional with proper lighting and colors. Seating arrangement should be according to your convenience.



You might choose a shared space which offers 24-hour access. This type of flexibility allows you to work according to your convenience. Also, this allows you to use extra desks and chairs in emergency situations.

Existing tenants


Most of the entrepreneurs look out for other tenants in the coworking space. They want to make sure whether existing tenants have a similar business, working hours and working style or not. Obviously, a sales team with there constant phone calling would not like to disturb a content writing team and share a coworking open space with them.



Every coworking space has its own culture. This culture has been formed by previous coworkers over the years. It is obvious that some entrepreneurs might have a quiet culture while others might have a dynamic culture. You should choose according to your needs.

Duration of contract


Coworking spaces rent its services on a daily, monthly and a yearly basis. It totally depends on the entrepreneur which plan he/she wants to choose. Thus, duration of contract matters.

Networking opportunities


Most of the entrepreneurs would like to choose a coworking space were regular events and seminars are organized which gives them a chance to increase their networking opportunities by interacting with investors and other startups.

Favorable environment


Most of the entrepreneurs prefer those coworking spaces that have a supportive and a favorable environment. Such type of an environment helps them to succeed and stay positive.

Meeting rooms


Almost every company requires a room where it is able to discuss its important matters. Meeting rooms fulfill that requirement. Entrepreneurs can look for such rooms when searching for a coworking space.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing a shared office space. Searching an office space is a hectic task but once you find the ideal space all that effort is worth it.

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