Ever wondered why do we need a dedicated team for app development? If yes then, keep reading!

Dedicated team model is an agreement between a service provider and client. According to the agreement, the service provider has to give software development specialists to the client. These specialists are chosen by the client based on their experience and skills. This model is cheap and effective.

There is only one aim that the dedicated team tends to focus on which is to work effectively with your team to give specific and unique solutions for your products.


What are the benefits of a dedicated team?

Generally speaking, dedicated teams are preferred for long-term projects where needs are not clear and the scope is dynamic. This is because, during complicated projects, it is considered a bad idea to frequently change developers. Also, dedicated teams are used by clients whose team lacks basic expertise in certain areas and who require a team of strong technical people by their side.

So, to make it short, you may require the need for a dedicated team for two main reasons.

  1. Cheap price
  2. A team of strong exerts who give you beneficial expertise.

When do you require a dedicated team?

Well, it is totally upto you whether you require a dedicated team or not but to make things clear, here are some instances when a dedicated team can be a great choice for you.

  1. Dynamic project requirements
  2. Long term project
  3. Unclear end goal
  4. When you need a combination of great quality and cheap price.


How to assign a dedicated team?

There is a simple process for assigning a dedicated team which is as follows:

Discuss the project details

Its explanation is pretty simple. You as a client need to discuss all the project details such as the scope of work, requirements, team size etc with the incharge of the outsourcing company.

Cost estimation

The finance department of the outsourcing company makes complete cost estimation of its dedicated team and gives it to their client so that both  (the client and the outsourcing company) are on the same page. Each of them has a copy of the whole budget at all times.

Assembling the team

After approving the budget, it’s time to assemble the team. Client along with the outsourcing team carefully choose each member of its dedicated team.



Once the team is assembled, both (the client and the outsourcing company) need to give a green light for the chosen members of a team.

Begin the work

It’s show time. Once all the formalities are completed, it’s time to start working on the project.

Note- Before assembling the team, the client has to pay the complete salary to its dedicated team in advance. Also, a contract is signed between the client and the dedicated team with a minimum duration of 6 months.

In the end…

Dedicated model is one of the best models that satisfy all the requirements of the long-term projects but it is not the only option for you. You can also look into other models such as Fixed Price Model and Time & Material Model. Choose a model according to your convenience.

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