What is the most common thought that every CEO has in his/her mind? Well, there can be many answers to this question such as how can I become rich? how can I become more productive? etc. All of these answers are right but there is one thing that troubles every CEO the most i.e. how to increase my work efficiency?

Every entrepreneur on this planet wants to complete his/her entire work in a single day but unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day which according to entrepreneurs is a very small amount of time.

When an entrepreneur gets up in the morning, his/her most of the time is spent on planning the tasks for the entire day. What little time left is spent on execution of those tasks? So, can you identify the problem here? It’s simple. Limited time is unable to complete a day’s task. So, we need to come up with a solution so that an entrepreneur can increase his/her productivity in that limited period of time.


Guys, I am a tech geek and I believe technology has a solution for every problem. So, let’s test my theory in the real world. Below I am going to mention few tools that can help an entrepreneur to become more efficient.

9 Tools to boost your efficiency

Google Docs

It is one of the most commonly used tools on the planet. With the help of this tool, you can create, share and store documents online. It allows you to make presentations, databases etc. It is similar to Microsoft Word and Excel with an added advantage of online storage. One highlighting feature of Google Docs is that one person can make changes in the document and the other person can see those changes happening at the same time. It’s like watching the document live. It helps in easy collaboration as well. You can also post comments in the documents highlighting changes or suggestions. For example, I write my articles on google docs only.


This tool came into the limelight just a few years ago. Dropbox acts like a cloud hard drive where you can store and share your files with your team across different devices. All this can be done online. Your files can be shared with another person by sending an invite or sharing the specific URL. You can use Dropbox through your mobiles and tablets as well. Your stored files can be used remotely as well. I use this tool all the time.



Let’s say that you have 5 separate accounts. Each account has a different password because you can’t risk keeping the same password for each account, can you? So, my main question is are you able to remember the passwords of all accounts? Many of you will answer no. If you are one of them, let’s make our lives easier. Roboform is an excellent password manager. It is simple to use. It safeguards your data all the time.


This is a task management software which allows you to manage multiple tasks. Let’s say you have a team of 6 workers. You need to manage all the 6 workers. Producteev tracks each worker’s task and reminds him/her to give the follow-up.


Emails have always been an important part of marketing. Even though with the success of social media, email marketing still plays a crucial role for every business. It creates a formal relationship between the company and its customers. MailChimp is a free tool which can be used for email marketing. It is very simple to use. It also teaches its clients the basics of email marketing.



In your daily business life, you have to go through a lot of stuff such as articles, news, agreements etc. What if you use a tool that prioritizes your reading material according to your urgent needs, will that be helpful? If yes, then E-reader is the perfect tool for you. This tool remembers your reading choices and keeps your reading pile updated. For example, my brother is a fan of E-reader.

A laptop

Today, almost every entrepreneur has a laptop. This tool is an absolute time saver. It acts as a one storage space for all your data. Due to its portability, you can work and access your files even when you are traveling. There is nothing that a laptop can’t do, be it working, watching movies and playing games. It is a complete package.



Imagine you suddenly get an idea and you can’t find any notepad/notebook to write it down. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Evernote was made to solve this problem permanently. With the help of this tool, you can write trends, ideas etc all of which is accessible from a single location. It offers a huge storage so you don’t have to worry about ‘memory full’. You can open this tool from multiple devices such as your laptop, phone etc.

A smartphone

What should I say about this tool? Everyone knows what importance a smartphone plays in our day to day life. From staying in touch with our team to writing notes to storing our data, a smartphone can handle everything that we can throw at it. Now with the age of waterproof smartphones, you can even record (voice) notes in the shower as well.

Being an entrepreneur is itself an ongoing challenge. You daily come face to face with a number of challenges. When you get a solution to one problem, you should immediately take advantage of it. Above mentioned are 9 tools that can increase your efficiency. Use them well.

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