Want to be a part of a new work culture?

Try coworking.

Coworking is a new business concept where people belonging from different backgrounds share ideas, knowledge, and equipment with each other. Coworking has slowly become popular worldwide. According to a survey done by Deskmag, the number of coworking spaces has increased from 20% in 2014 to 36% in 2015. This means that hundreds of firms have found coworking to be beneficial for their businesses. Also, the survey found that more than half of the people had better focus and improved productivity because of coworking.

According to Anuj Kapoor (a coworker at Hustle), since he started working at Hustle Cowork his social circle increased from 30% to 92%, business network increased from 48% to 82% and his productivity increased from 60% to 75%.

Nowadays coworking has become essential. Here’s why.

Interactive environment

Coworking offices offer an environment where people can interact with others by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. Unlike traditional offices, there is no limit to interactions. Isolation gap is reduced by working at coworking offices.

Central location at feasible prices

Coworking offices are located at central locations which offer proper connectivity to roads, highways and public transport. This makes traveling stress-free. Also being located in a prime location the rents of coworking spaces are cheaper as compared to other offices.

Fosters creativity

When you work at coworking space you get a chance to meet new people who belong to different industries and backgrounds. Those people are creative and ambitious towards their work. People at coworking offices are encouraged to share new ideas and get instant feedback. This helps them to collaborate with others which can often lead to new businesses or expansion.

Age of startups and freelancers

The number of startups and freelancers are growing day by day. They need a place to work which offers cheap rent and all basic facilities. Coworking provides this solution to startups and freelancers. Instead of working at home or traditional offices they choose to work at coworking spaces which provide them all facilities at a feasible cost.

Low priced infrastructure and facilities

Everyone requires a perfect place. Coworking spaces provide cheap office infrastructure and facilities (meeting rooms, cafeteria etc). In India, Hustle Cowork provides a coworking seat at Rs.5000 per month along with other facilities such as meeting rooms, unlimited tea/coffee, high-speed wifi connection etc.



Skyrocket your productivity

Coworking offers a friendly environment, innovative spaces and flexible working hours which helps to increase the productivity of a person.

No distractions

Everyone wants to work in a distraction free environment. Coworking spaces have certain noise rules due to which there are fewer distractions. Also, people who don’t want to be disturbed can use private cabins provided at coworking spaces.

Perfect work-life balance

Who doesn’t want to have a perfect work life balance? Coworking spaces encourage work-life balance by providing nap rooms, gym, gaming room for T.T, pool etc. Here people can take a break from their hectic schedules and relax for a while.

Be flexible

Working fixed shifts can be tiring. Coworking offers flexibility. Such offices generally provide 24-hour access to its employees which allows them to work according to their convenience. Coworking seats make it easier for an employee as he/she can sit anywhere in the office and do their work.

This new trend of coworking is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It offers great benefits at the cheaper cost which has made traditional/home offices unattractive.  

Meta description- Worldwide businesses have adopted a new work culture which is known as coworking. Coworking is a new business concept where people sit together to interact with each other and do their work. Traditional or home offices offer a boring and a monotonous environment which seriously hampers your productivity but on the other hand coworking spaces offer amazing benefits such as flexibility, perfect work life balance etc that helps to boost the productivity of a person. That’s why the need for coworking spaces have increased tremendously.

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