Wipro is planning a new change in its job structure. It is planning to automate higher level jobs instead of the lower level jobs in its structure. The idea is to even more responsibilities to people working at a higher level so as to bring improvements in employee utilization.

President and chief human resources officer Saurabh Govil said that net employee utilization has dropped from 81.3% to 80.3% in June quarter because more employees were released from traditional projects. In the first quarter around 2000 employees were released because of automation.

Saurabh Govil also said the whole change is from basic jobs to higher level jobs. When we started automation, our aim was to first grab the low hanging fruits. As we do more cognitive implementations, the aim is to make higher value jobs automated as well. All employees will be given quarterly feedback so that they can acquire and improve their skills.

CEO Abidali Neemuchwala said the value capture is relatively low at basic levels. We are aligning our internal goals on automating higher level jobs and above tasks. The company’s voluntary quarterly annualized attrition increased from 14.8% to 16.1%. This is because many employees leave companies for higher studies or getting better salary packages elsewhere. As of June 30th, 2017 Wipro employed 1309 employees increasing its total number of employees to 1,66,790.

Wipro has identified around 17,000 employees as its best performers and all their salaries have been increased which is double as compared to the company average.

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