In India, women have been subjected to many changes. They have always been targeted because of the conservative and orthodox thinking. Women are stereotyped as a carer and home maker. Also, not many women entrepreneurs were encouraged in the past. 

Although, women have come a long way and they have made many gains, yet, there is a long path to cover. There is still a need to help them grow. To name the problems faced by women in our society:

Gender disparity

In our society, men are the bread earners. Men are heads of the families and women cannot do anything without their permission. Women have been given the tags of homemakers, housewives, and carers. They have always been dragged behind because of their feminine qualities. They have always been told that their rightful place is to be at home. Women are still craving for gender parity.


Lack of support

Most of the times, Women entrepreneurs are not supported in their endeavors. Let alone the support from the society, they have to carve rocks to make their families understand what they want to do. And if not for family support, nothing comes easy in life.

Unsafe workplaces

In a nation like ours, crime rates against women are devastatingly high. There is a reason why families do not support women entrepreneurs to go out and work. They do not want them to be subjected to any harassment.

It isn’t safe to commute long distances or even when the clock strikes 7, families expect women to come back home.

Women have started working in professional areas but have been subjected to workplace harassment ever since.

Lack of platform

Women entrepreneurs all over the world are experiencing lack of opportunities in comparison to men. There is no significant platform for women in many fields. They always face hindrances in showcasing their skills.


Gender based career paths

Our society follows a very narrow-minded approach towards women. People believe that keeping women hidden will help keep them safe. In order to protect women, we have segregated careers for them. Careers which ensure that she will be back home before the sun sets. Teaching is the forever favorite solution of families when women insist on doing a job.

Work/life balance

For working women, keeping a balance between family and work has always been a trouble. They are expected to focus more on families rather than their careers.

It gets very difficult for women to maintain a balance because they usually lack family support.

Relocation because of marriage

Women are usually expected to let go of their careers and jobs once they get married. Besides, relocating after the marriage makes it harder for women to continue working. Either they have to travel long distances or wind up the business. Because relocating a business in itself is a very difficult situation.

Lack of access to networks and sponsors

Gathering courage to start a business is the new beginning of troubles hidden in store for women. Creating networks and finding sponsors is definitely not a piece of cake for women. Rather even difficult in comparison to men. Why so? Because investors and sponsors do not have much faith in women. They can hardly trust a woman to start a business and make it successful.

Lack of women role models

In a society like ours, you will not come across many women who have held important posts in large businesses. There are a handful of women who have held dignitary posts like Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister, Governor or Lok Sabha Speaker in our country. Women who seek motivation to start their businesses do not know whom to look upto.

Women are not leaders

It is a widely known perception that women cannot be leaders. The society believes that men are better leaders and women cannot lead anything beyond domestic work. These perceptions more than anything else have hampered the growth of women.

“These are the unseen barriers that women are facing not just in India but all over the world.”


How can coworking help women solve their problems?

We do not say that coworking can help women entrepreneurs achieve their deserved value but it can help women be self-reliant and self-sufficient upto a certain extent.

Let us see, how?

Emotional support

You will meet many other people like yourself while working in a cowork. Women will meet other women and will sympathize with each other. This will help to cure that sinking feeling because of lack of emotional support. Since they are going through same issues, it will help them connect on a spiritual level.

Safe workplace

Cowork spaces assure the safety of every coworker in the office. They hire security to maintain the safety of the office and the administration makes sure to look after the personal needs of every coworker. If not that, nowadays, all women cowork areas are opening in many places. This might as well get recognition in India.

Offers a platform

Because shared offices offer everyone to operate on lesser costs, it provides a platform to everyone to try their luck and talent in whichever fields they wish to. Women are equally welcomed to work in these shared offices, there isn’t any gender disparity here.

Easy to commute

Cowork spaces are mostly located in central locations in every area. No more traveling to dingy places in order to start your business. These offices are usually located near metro stations which make it easy to reach the destination.

Work life balance

Cowork areas offer you 24/7 access to your work station. And since you are your own boss you have no restrictions of time. You can come and work whenever you want and leave whenever you wish to. It makes it easy for women to maintain balance in their work and family.

Relocation made easy

The problem of relocation has also been made easy. If you relocate, all you have to do is find a new Cowork and continue working. It will take you some time in settling down but the problem of finding a new place and adjusting accordingly has been completely eliminated.

Helps in networking

You meet new people every day in a cowork, chances of finding a potential client increases. And since these people will witness your work themselves, they tend to have more faith in your work.

Be your own role model

Even though the argument is plausible that women do not have anybody to look upto. But with faith in yourself and your business prospects, you can create your own example. Women are the future, women are the change. Be the change yourself.


Shedding stereotypes

New generation barely believes in the stereotypes of women being only the homemakers. we are ready to lose them forever. Coworking, itself has brought a change in conventional office setups and we are eager to shed even more stereotypes. Coworking cannot bring Gender parity but it can help in empowering women. And that is all we need right now.

We, at Hustle, believe the same. We believe women should be given equal opportunities so that they can achieve all that they deserve. We offer best facilities to all our clients at  Hustle Cowork. We make sure that you face no problem while you are here.

We believe in change and we want to create the change. Apparently, We are not big enough to bring the change but we put our best effort to do our share.

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Contact: 098188 19266

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