To become a person who has authority in your industry is the best way to promote your work, and business to better help your clients. To become an industry leader you only need to learn 16 things. Yes, it takes a consistent dose of education and hard work, but the outcome will be worth it.

Use these 16 things if you want to become an industry leader

The 16 things we are going to explain, they are not so simple but, yes, it is easy for those who actually want to become an authority in any Industry and ready to do everything to become an industry leader.

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I call this philosophy of doing all these 16 things is called niche ninja who is taking the niche of the business and then cracking everything possible in that particular niche so, nothing has left no stone is left unturn for you to become an industry leader.

let’s dig deep into it-

These 16 things you can practice in any business because I cover every industry Like – Education, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Motivational, Service, Products and more.

1. Education – To think like a leader you need to know every new information, technology, and innovation related to your industry. Education is essential in every business. For Example – You are in the business of digital marketing, and in the marketing business, you always have to understand new marketing tips, how to use social media, how to create content, how to use the content pyramid to create rich content, and more. There are many ways to get an education you can take online and offline classes.

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2. Books – Books can be educational as well as leadership books.
Like you have educational courses online or offline you can have books for them. But there is a difference between educational books and leadership books.
Educational books are more like text and leadership books are like you are putting yourself out.

Leadership books are like you know a way through which you can solve a problem, and you put out that solution in your book so, now your audience, competitors, customer and everyone is looking at you as an author. Then you become a leader of that particular industry, and other people are reading your solutions.

Read these leadership books to become an industry leader 

There are two kinds of books you need to read to become an industry leader

The knowledge you get or give in the book is much more valuable than the cost of the book.

They will see you like a book author, a person who is giving out some solution. They will look at you as a consultant. Many people do not say good things about a consultant as they think consultant always say wrong things or put out bad things from our business while an author or a teacher has a lot of authority as everyone take them seriously so, with books you can share your solution and will get a lot of solutions for your problems.

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3. Content – Every company is a media company, and in today’s world, the more amount of media you put in it is better for your marketing. People think there are 2 kinds of content – Quality content and Quantity Content and which should we put, but the main thing is that they are hiding behind the fact.

For all intent and purposes, in every industry, a content creator must know how to create good quality content in huge quantity. 


to become an industry leader you must know how to write good quality content in huge quantity

For Example – If you want to create content for your industry so, choose the best magazine in your industry which is doing good. Then create content to beat that famous magazine. Your content can be in the form of rich media like – images, videos, podcasts, IGTV, Gif, blog, and more. To beat someone who is doing great in your industry is not easy, but you can do it if you create unique content in huge quantity.

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Convert your long-form content into micro-content for different social media platforms.
1. Convert your long-form video into IGTV for Instagram.
2. Create some quotes, memes, Gif’s and PPT from your long-form blog, also article for Facebook
3. Create long-form videos for YouTube to engage your audience and customers from every medium.

With these content, you can drive traffic on your central place (website, Facebook page, Instagram, workplace and more) where you want your audience to come and take your services or products. To entertain and impress your customer you have to create good quality content because your customer does not want to waste his time so, you have to create good content.

4. Services – To become an industry leader and to grow your industry it is necessary to provide a service. For Example – You are a product manager, and you do not provide any service, but you have a product to sell. You can go for consulting services give solution for how sale your product, how to sell your product on Amazon, how to sell your product online, how to pitch in sales, how to pitch a product, how to pitch a product to a customer, and how to pitch a product in an interview?

You can give solution kind of services because it always helps to increment your revenue, and also you can become a solution provider.

Everybody who is interested in your offerings is after all interested in your solutions so, they have a problem, and they want you to solve it.

As an employee, you just sale your product and pitch your customer that my product will solve your this problem but in services, you will pitch the customer, implement him and give him solutions of his problems. Now the new-age entrepreneurs and startups know they have services but what they do not have is products.

Both goods (products) and services are necessary to become an industry leader.

Provide goods and services to become an industry leader

5.  Products- Products are not always something which you manufacture. For Example – If you belong to the service industry, still you can make a product by making a book because the book is a physical product.  You belong to an analytics company so, you do analysis on social media, intellectual property, you have analytics reports, and people are ready to buy them. To become an industry leader you need to have both services and products because an industry leader captures all niche all the things that are necessary for your industry.

6. Talks – An industry leader does a lot of workshops to create awareness about his products, services and industry. In B2B industry, people think they do not need to talk to their customers as they do not deal and sell directly to them. B2B people need to understand that, if they talk to their customers it will be good for their business as their customers will know more about their product. When you interact with your customers, they will know that your product can solve their problem and why should they buy your product.

Like Simon Sinek (a motivational speaker) attend workshops, announce workshops and now he known as a speaker and leader of his industry. 

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When you do workshops, your audience will get to know about your services and products, so they directly go to your retailer to buy your goods. This method will help you to increase your revenue and business.

For an industry leader, it is beneficial to do leadership talks.

A lot of entrepreneurs and businessmen do speaking engagement part to increment your revenue by getting money for the speaking engagements, and again when people start following you, they know about your products. In short, your sells basically goes up. Take interviews like talk to your industry leader and someone who is doing good in your industry. You can ask your customers about your product, and why they like your product so, other people will get to know about your product.

7. Outsourcing – Do not forget outsourcing because we want to sell overseas. For Example, you are targeting one marketing, and you need to understand that it can be a step by step approach its not that you need to think it from day one, but all these 16 things you must keep in mind.

Have a paper in front of you print it out and stick it in front of your desk that these 16 things I need to do to sell overseas and to become an industry leader.

8. Affiliate marketing – Many people don’t know about affiliate marketing. Why should we do affiliate marketing and what is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a way through which we sale someone else product, promote some else product and getting money if their products sold. You can use Amazon affiliate to sell anything related to your industry like you can sell books. Through this way, you can promote yourself, earn extra money, and can become an industry leader of your industry.

Example of Affiliate Marketing – 

now people are doing affiliate marketing to earn money and to become an industry leader

9.  Investment – If you grow big and you have some sphere cash you can invest in some companies related to your industry like an angel investor. If its a private company you can buy some products and if its a public company trading in stocks you can buy stocks. In the end, you do investment it means if they grow you will get some investment from them.

10. Trading – In affiliate marketing, we do not produce, and ship product but in trading, we buy the products and sell the product. All those people who do not have a product, they can do trading. They can buy products from others and sell them.

11. Software – If you can create small software for your industry then you can use your software to sell it to other people. In sort all, with your software, you can solve someone’s problem. The software helps other people to run the business efficiently, and manage their own business efficiently.

For Example, You work in an analysis company, and if you can make software to do the analysis so, you can use that software to beat your competitors and can sell the software to all.

Play Flame created a small plugin for WordPress that is for podcasts player. He creates podcasts himself but he created this product also, and he has some income from the software.

12. Community – Build a great community, have a lot of meetups, build a lot of chapters in different regions, state and cities, like if you are running an educational institute, you can create each chapter for the college, subject, institutes and more. It is the way you can create lead generation. When you create a community, you become the leader of that community. In short, you become an industry leader of that community.

Build a community on Facebook to interact with leaders- 

Build community to interact with leaders
You can create online groups on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
You can create an offline group like – this is the way through which you are doing your branding so, if people do not buy your product but they know your name, they know about the brand.

13. Conference – To become an industry leader it is necessary to interact with a lot of people related to your industry. At the conference, you can invite your industry leaders, customers, speakers, competitors, and more. That’s how you can develop your business, you can meet new peoples, you can tell everyone about your products or services, and you will get to know who is your competitors. You can announce two types of conferences-
Business conference and General conference.
1.  In business conference, you get the chance to meet big brands, startups, entrepreneurs, and retailers. Through this way, you can increase your connections.
2. In general conference, you will get to know who is your customer, about a lot of speakers and here you can pitch them for your products or services. Because in general conference businesses are only come to share some information, they also come to sell their product and to inform everyone that my product or service can solve your this particular problem.

14. E-commerce – If you want to become an industry leader, you must do e-commerce.

24-hour sales without a sales team.

For Example – You work in the service industry, you have a product, and you want to sell that product. You can create an e-commerce website, and you can use Amazon, Flipkart to sell your product. You can create a website and can sell your product on that website. To drive traffic on your website, you have to know how to create content, how to write content, and how to use rich media in your content. Content helps you to drive traffic from various social media platforms.

You need to do e-commerce marketing if you want to become an industry leader

If you are confused between two things to do, you can go for both of them then you will know which one is good for your industry. If you do not know – whether I should use Amazon to sell my product or I should create my website. You can use both options and then wait which works best for your product. In the end, all these 16 things will help you to become an industry leader.

15. Related Industry Promotion – There are some direct markets where you know who you are selling your product, but there is some market which is related to your industry, but today they will not buy from you because they don’t know that they have a problem which can be solved by your product or service.

These are the secondary and tertiary market. For Example – I work in a 3D printing company but I never try secondary market, I always use direct markets. One day when we start marketing to people who are enthusiasts, and we start telling them about 3D printing then, we understand that we can go to the secondary market.

We meet a lot of surgeons, and the dentist, they do not know that they can use 3D printing in their work and when we tell them about this suddenly they become our customers. In the end, to grow your work and business, you have to meet a lot of new people not only related to your industry but everyone.

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16.  Mastermind Groups – Mastermind group is not like an event and conference it is a close group. In this group, only industry persons are allowed, and they need to pay money to join the group. May some people ask why would I pay to join the group so, you have to create business strategies, and content to share related to your industry. In the group, you and others can share their tactics, statics, business strategies, what is working for their industry, what is not working and what are your goals and more. Create a mastermind group in which industry leaders can share their experience and can meet other great peoples.

To become an industry leader, stay with industry leaders so, that you will know how exactly a leader work.

Add those people in your group who are ready to share the knowledge and with whom you can share or discuss your problems. You can start your group with meets and then it will grow slowly.

When you surround yourself with leaders, then you can grow.  

Now I explain you the 16 things, it is up to you, how you will use these things to grow your business and to become an industry leader. You can use these 16 things even in everything.